fall rain. as i sit cross-legged here on my bed, the window next to me cracked slightly open, the rain sings a soothing, calming melody. summer rain cleanses and clears and cools the hot, muggy, stuffy air. fall rain is different. fall rain is like a mother comforting her child – it relaxes and sets you at ease. the world is already cool and a chill has already seeped into the days, so that’s not the purpose of this rain. it’s a song for the tired and worried of heart.

rain is part of the music of nature, along with bird chatterings and tree rustlings and wind whisperings. what’s it trying to say to you?

the next time it rains, slide open your window just a bit and listen. listen to the rhythm and cadence and tone of it. listen for the words of the rain speaking peace to your soul. can you catch it? let the sound rush over you and envelop you. cling to that sound, to that reality, and remember that there are only a few bits in this life that matter most. let the rain help you find your way back to those bits. let its song carry you back, washing away the stress and worries of your life. then just breathe. let the rain help you breathe.



this is a blog. yup. this is a blog very different from my first blog. this is a place for thoughts, for randomness, for musings, for words, forĀ life.

sometimes everything gets all cooped up in my head, jumbling around, trying to put itself into order. this is my place for the thought-spewing, the slight organization. do you ever have the urge to speak deeply, but feel unable to get all the words out audibly and keep them sounding somewhat profound? this is my outlet in lieu of speaking. words tossed out in the air are occasionally caught, but usually they just float away into oblivion. this is my alternative to oblivion. or maybe it’s still oblivion?

all I know is that I have words to share. this is my place for word-sharing. this is an expression of emotion, of dreams, of wishes, of truths and realities. keep reading?