cheers to saturdays

so, today has been quite lovely. lazy and quiet and full of all the comfy things a november saturday should have. today was one of those days where i woke up and wanted to bake something delicious and fill my kitchen and my entire house with swirling cinnamon scents. i didn’t end up baking anything, i really wish i had. but here’s cheers to saturdays of comfort and blankets and sleep and crisp air and warm endings. 

here’s to beginning the day late with a refreshing run down a quiet park path.

here’s to long showers, where you have all the time in the world, where you can soak up every last bit of relaxation and not worry about having to be somewhere.

here’s to spending the day watching netflix documentaries, because intelligence is attractive and enticing, and because steinway & sons pianos are absolutely beautiful.

here’s to afternoons and evenings and nights spent in a comfy sweatshirt, reading blogs full of pretty, soothing words, inspiring me to be more and write more and run away to new york city and never come back.

here’s to considering possibilities of the future and life adventures yet to be had.

here’s to ending the day with hot chocolate and bread with camembert cheese, pretending to be somewhat fancy, and deciding that when i go off and live in a big city, i’m going to buy myself baguettes and camembert on a regular basis and indulge my french sensibilities.

here’s to electric blankets. enough said.

here’s to saturdays, and here’s to the pretty-much-winter weather, and here’s to the future.


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