inspiration // music lately

music, for me, is synonymous with inspiration. lately, my music preferences have gravitated toward songs that have bit of an off-tone to them…nothing too jumpy or pop-esque, but nothing too absolutely and totally monotonous either. when a song has a singing melody and a deep, real message to it – that, right there, is beauty.

anyway, here are the songs that have spoke to me the most lately. the moment any of these come on, it’s like an instant breath of peace and soothing, and they put me in my “writing mood.” this music speaks of hope, and love, and – most importantly – reality.

“Sort Of” – Ingrid Michaelson –

“Lovely” – Sara Haze –

“What If” – Five for Fighting –

“Boston” – Augustana –

“Demons” – Imagine Dragons –

“Beautiful Goodbye” – Maroon 5 –


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