putting away christmas + the wonders of target

today has been a nice, good, winter saturday. although the thermometer speaks of chilly temperatures, the sun has shone all day and the sky has maintained a perfect light-blue color. there’s still a bit of snow on the ground, leftover from a week ago

today we said goodbye to christmas. the tree was taken down and its branches have since been used for the growing bird habitat in the backyard. all the stockings and pictures and ornaments and lights were boxed away until next year. the living room feels bare and far too large without that enormous tree.

putting away christmas is always bittersweet. i’m sad to see the time of year go where everyone is a bit nicer and the world is all lit up and classic christmas songs are heard everywhere, although i do enjoy looking forward to the new year after christmas. this one was a real solid christmas, so i’m okay with moving on past it. it was a great christmas for relishing family and traditions and cozying up at home in the evenings with hot chocolate and yummy baked goodies. those always seem to be the best type of christmases.

in other news, i betook myself to the wondrous store of target today. i was in need of some public socialization after staying at home most of this week, so i deemed a target run necessary. i’m pretty sure target has almost everything. and ladies and gentlemen, the lip color obsession is back in full-force. after a significant amount of time spent in the make-up aisle, i finally waltzed out of target with these two little beauties.

lip color

two new tubes doesn’t seem like a lot, but when you add that to the other twenty-five or so i have hanging out in my make-up drawer, mmm yeah it’s a slight problem. oh well…i’ll be shamelessly obsessive anyway.

also, there’s lots of excitement going on over here because i still get one more week of relaxation without school! one more week of staying up late watching netflix, one more week of sleeping in as late as i want to, one more week of living by my own schedule. happiness!


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