a proper introduction

who am i?

my name is tessa brynn kohler. i am a daydreamer. i am obsessed with hot chocolate. i am a night owl. i am a hopeless romantic. i am a writer. i am a blogger. i am just one person in this marvelous world, trying to become better and brighter and kinder.

i have some dreams. ooooh man, do i have some dreams. i dream of living in new york city. i dream of traveling the world, especially france. i dream of marrying a handsome, wonderful gentleman in a gorgeous temple. i dream of having a family of my very own. i dream of inspiring people, of doing something worthwhile and using the time i’ve been given on this earth to the fullest.

i blog to get out all of my random thoughts and fancies and musings out into typed words. i blog because the idea of possibly reaching someone with the words of my mind is a magical one indeed. i blog because words are beautiful. i keep my own personal journal, where i write on and on about dramas and boys and family and life happenings, but this blog is my space for putting down words with the intent of making something soft and rich to run your mind over. i blog to highlight the reality of life, the reality that life as a whole isn’t perfect, but that it truly contains moments of pure perfection.

i write here about life. and loveliness. i write about the random, lovely bits of goodness that are manifest in abundance, if only we would take the time to look just a teensy bit harder for them. in this space i ramble. i spew forth words through my fingers, turning confusion and mess into something of possible merit.

it is my goal to reach out to people through my words, to possibly inspire someone, to possibly say something that someone out there can connect with, deep down in the rarely-touched depths of that someone’s heart or soul or whatever you want to call those reaches inside of us that are so hard to explain. i dream of connecting with people throughout the world, one bit at a time – people who are real and struggle and have light sparkling inside of them – which qualifies most anyone human.

in 2014 i hope to continue to write more, and write better. i hope for this blogging thing to become more of a habit than it currently is. i also hope to become less afraid of sharing my words with the world, because it’s kind of a going-out-on-a-limb type of thing, and i’m not always the best at those going-out-on-a-limb things. give me normalcy and smoothness and i’m with you all the way, but taking a chance is tough.

i’m just one person, and this is just one blog among many, many other blogs in the world, yet despite is seeming insignificance, i’m proud of it. i really do love this little piece of the internet where i’m free to write and write to my heart’s content and not worry a bit about being the tessa that everyone has always seen me as. these are my words. this is me.


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