the existence of goodness

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“every day might not be good, but there is something good in every day.”

goodness exists. oooh you better believe it does. goodness exists in abundance.

think of how truly wonderful our world would be if everyone chose to focus on the goodness and the happiness and the beauty instead of the negatives and the sadness and the ugly.

so i guess that’s what i’m trying to do with this blogging thing. i’m trying to highlight the small, oh-so-good things in life as they exist amidst the troubles and turmoils that are equally present. i don’t want this to be a perfection blog. there are numerous blogs out there that portray life as if it is pure perfection, with perfectly decorated houses and perfect outfits and perfect vacations and, sorry, but this blog just isn’t like that. i love reading those blogs and being creatively inspired by whatever perfect things they feature, and i do believe that perfection is present in life, but i also understand that life is much more than that continual perfection, and i want to make sure i show that.

again, i want to portray the beauty and the perfection of life and highlight its existence, while at the same time recognizing that tears and hardships and the days where very few things seem to go right do happen.

and if you stop to think about it, those things that are perfect and beautiful and good are that way because of the things that are less than such. they go hand in hand. if everything was always top-notch, how would we be able to tell? it’s when life throws in some bad stuff that we’re able to truly appreciate the good.

so i’m going to say that life as a whole is wonderful. life is wonderful because of not in spite of – the bad times. the good and the bad fit together in such a way that is beautiful and inspired and necessary. that being said, it is when we praise and glorify and celebrate the good that we’re able to recognize the bad, and accept the bad, and keep it from steamrolling us quite so much. amidst darkness and troubles and living where it feels like a struggle to keep going until the next hour, or even the next minute, seeing the goodness can be our saving grace.

maybe this is all just nonsensical rambling. if it is, then oh well…rambling is what i tend to do best.

and if this is getting too deep, then i guess what i want to say, in more simple terms, is that you. can. be. happy. don’t let your bad circumstances define you. instead, acknowledge them, nod to them, recognize their importance and how necessary they are, and then promptly turn to the goodness and cling to it with all you have in you because that is what will get you through.

yes, this is hard to do, and i am a far far cry from being a master at it and always looking for the good 100% of the time, or even 75% of the time. life is hard. sometimes things come along that totally and completely knock you off your feet, and when you’re lying on your back it’s a tricky business to start looking for all the good around you. but! i speak from experience when i say that looking for the good makes all the difference.

so today, i’m reminding myself to search out the good, because i definitely need as much of a reminder as anyone else. i dare you to to join me. i dare you to be grateful for the storms and the tears, but i also dare you do search out the sunshine and the smiles and the light.

let’s celebrate the existence of goodness together.


whew! i don’t usually get so wordy, so if you are reading this and you stuck through to the end, hugs and kisses and lots of love from me. thank you for humoring me and reading my rant/ramble/combination of the two!


3 thoughts on “the existence of goodness

  1. I agree with you. And I think always seeking the good is actually self-compassion, as much as it is kind and wholesome. Because if you can always glimpse the good, if you can approach the world in that positive mindset… why would you punish yourself by choosing to consciously seek out the manipulations, the ulterior motives, the nasty parts of people? I know many people, particularly the gossipy variety, who do the latter. I can understand– having had my heart broken, having been betrayed and backstabbed in my life, having made self-sabotaging mistakes, and who hasn’t, right?– why sometimes the it is easier to believe in the bad. It’s easy to see the ugly and the horrible, because life seems to have shown you nothing and destroyed your ideals and punished your best intentions…. but in the end, it is kinder to yourself if, when it is time, to choose to find the good. :) I’m not always successful, but it’s a constant choice. Of course, I wouldn’t ignore my gut feeling if it’s telling me to run like hell….

    1. thank you for your thoughts! it is so, so easy to see the ugly and horrible, but i love how you said that it’s kinder to yourself to choose to find the good. i hadn’t really thought about it being a way to be kinder to yourself, but that is definitely true! it really is punishing yourself to see the nasty stuff, since those things aren’t ever going to get you anywhere that’s going to help you to be happy.

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