my favorite things // 01-11-2014

-down time. it’s been a week without very much of this, so the moments where i do get a chance to sit down and let my brain breathe are wonderful.

-blogs. this week i’ve really loved connecting with other people via blog comments and followings. i love reaching my toes out into other areas of the world than just where i happen to live right now.

-twitter. i kind of have a thing for twitter. this relates to the aforesaid love of connecting with people all over everywhere. i love being able to follow other bloggers and celebrities and other random interesting people and not have to know them personally to see all the great stuff they’re up to, which is the opposite of facebook. ha, i tend to just troll and look at all the sweet stuff other people tweet, although i do tweet myself on a slow, increasingly more frequent basis. (do i sound like a stalker yet???) (p.s. follow me! @tessabrynnk!)

i hope you had a fantastic week!

what were your favorite things this week?


7 thoughts on “my favorite things // 01-11-2014

  1. I love twitter so much. It’s perfect for instant news, celeb stalking, I mean…casual glances, and perfect for writer’s block in 140 characters.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Have a nice day!

    1. No problem – you’re a great writer and I loved reading what you’ve written! About twitter…I know, right? I’m definitely a guilty celeb-and-other-interesting-people stalker…or casual glancer haha.

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