pretty words that you should read // 001

i already blogged today (check it out! >>> sweet pork and sky), but i also wanted to do a roundup of posts that i love from other bloggers. {p.s. if you’re doing the zero to hero challenge, this is my completion of day 23!} this ended up being so enjoyable that i might even make this little roundup a weekly thing!

all of these posts are fantastic, as are the great people who wrote them, soooo you should get to clicking on those links and checking them out!

pretty words 600

i’m not gonna tell you that you’re beautiful – hannah brencher is a wonderful, wonderful writer, so i should really just link to her entire blog, but this is an especially lovely post about feeling adequate.

faith – a fantastic post about continuing with faith, because things will get better.

attraction and expectation – another lovely piece by meg fee about feeling a spark. i especially love the end of the post about her own expectations.

on being a queen – such a beautiful post about being a mother by the fantastic natalie holbrook! (i talked about my blogger-obsession with her here, too!) even though i’m not even married yet, this heartfelt post is still so touching to read, and i absolutely cannot wait until i’m a mother.

throwback thursday #4 – chasing cars – a soft, quick little romantic story that just makes me happy!

i have that something with you – another little romantic tidbit! it reads so, so smoothly and is almost poetic.

on courage – a thoughtful piece with a different take on courage – the thought that courage is more related to kindness than actually being bold.

happy reading!


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