liebster numero 2!


sooo i got onto wordpress the other day and was surprised to see that tameramb from the blog jibber jabber & happenstance nominated me for a liebster award! {fyi: the liebster award is an informal award that is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers by other bloggers, who then in turn nominate their own people…and the love just spreads! fun stuff!} i did already receive one of these (read my post about that one HERE!), but i decided to go ahead and answer her questions anyway. for some reason, i find answering questions about myself fun? maybe because i’m rarely very open about myself with people in real life, so it’s liberating to do it here? or maybe i’m just self-centered? but i really do enjoy sharing the blogger love and nominating other people, though, so that’s a more legitimate reason for why i’m writing another liebster award post.

i’ll try to keep it short and sweet, since i went into a lot of detail with my other post. but then again, this is me we’re talking about, so who knows how long this’ll be!

1. where is your favorite place to be? either in the middle of a big city (preferably new york city), or up at the top of some remote mountain, in the middle of a backpacking trip. yes, i am aware that those are virtually polar opposites. both are amazing nonetheless.

2. name two songs that describe you. “haven’t met you yet” by michael buble (haha, yes, i know this is cheesy, especially if you’ve read this post), and “theme from new york, new york,” preferably when it’s sung by frank sinatra.

3. who is the most inspirational person in your life, and why? my mom. i’m amazed at how good and patient and loving and humble she can be – all the time. she inspires me to be a better, more refined person.

4. do you believe in karma? umm yeees? kinda? i would just say that i believe that everything happens for a reason, and that every action has some sort of a consequence. would that just be the same thing as karma?

5. if you could have a dream job for a day, what would it be? some job where i could live in new york city, pin lovely things on pinterest, drink hot chocolate and smoothies, and write pretty words…all day long (and still get payed for it). and play on steinway pianos. those are always a fun time.

6. name three annoyances currently in your life. negativity (irony, no?), cold weather that needs to hurry up and be spring, and the fact that my electric blanket is so warm in the mornings, but i have to actually get up and do something with my life.

7. what “spirit” animal do you best vibe with? umm otters seem like pretty happy creatures…

8. how has blogging helped you? first of all, it has helped me focus my writing voice, but second, on a deeper level, it has helped me free that part of myself that i rarely share with people.

9. list two things that you are proud of accomplishing. although this isn’t one specific accomplishment, i’d say i’m pretty decent at the piano. also, i’m proud of starting this blog and putting all my random musings out there for the whole world to read.

10. do you have a talent? if so, what is it? looking for the best around me, whether in people or in tough situations.

11. where do you envision yourself in five years? umm maybe married? new york city would be pretty legit. ha, if you can’t tell, i’m obsessed with nyc. but really…

now! since i already did another one of these liebster award posts, i had a tough time coming up with eleven more bloggers who i love, who have under 200 followers (which really means i need to do a better job of getting out and exploring blogs more!). i actually only have three to nominate this time, but they are fabulous blogs, written by fabulous people, so you should click those links and check them out! (also, take a look at the other 10 bloggers i nominated in my original post, and don’t forget to visit tamermb’s blog, which is where i received this second nomination. i actually featured one of her posts in my link roundup this past friday! plus, she runs, and lives in nyc, which just makes her doubly awesome right there.)

here are my nominations!

jenn lost in chaos

velociraptoranna’s blog

life’s little mercies

for you three bloggers coming here to find out more details about what your nomination entails, here’s your job!

1. write your own post answering these same 11 questions, making sure to link back to the person that nominated you somewhere in the post (me!).

2. choose 11 of your favorite bloggers who have less than 200 followers to answer your own set of questions (you can come up with different questions than these ones, but i’m just a tad bit lazy, plus i like these ones i was given, so i didn’t write any different ones for you guys to answer).

thank you again, tameramb, for the nomination! i am honored!


3 thoughts on “liebster numero 2!

  1. Thanks very much for the award Tessa! And congratulations on your 2nd liebster! Oops I went to the first award page and answered those questions instead… Ah, well. :)

  2. I am extremely impressed with your writing skills
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    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed my blog! The theme is actually a paid WordPress theme, but it is one of the cheaper ones. I did some basic customization after buying it (fonts and layout and such), but nothing too fancy. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and comment!

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