my favorite things // 01-25-2014

-ponytails. or, i guess i should say hair that is long enough for a ponytail. after cutting my hair super short in august, the fact that i finally have enough hair to put it in a decent ponytail is just wonderful! it’s been the kind of week where ponytails are almost a given, so thank goodness for long enough hair.

-sleep. sleep is just fantastic, right?

-breakfast dates with friends. kneaders is just a nice, warm, cozy place to be in the morning. good company + yummy food = great stuff, right there!

what were your favorite things this week?

pretty words that you should read // 001

i already blogged today (check it out! >>> sweet pork and sky), but i also wanted to do a roundup of posts that i love from other bloggers. {p.s. if you’re doing the zero to hero challenge, this is my completion of day 23!} this ended up being so enjoyable that i might even make this little roundup a weekly thing!

all of these posts are fantastic, as are the great people who wrote them, soooo you should get to clicking on those links and checking them out!

pretty words 600

i’m not gonna tell you that you’re beautiful – hannah brencher is a wonderful, wonderful writer, so i should really just link to her entire blog, but this is an especially lovely post about feeling adequate.

faith – a fantastic post about continuing with faith, because things will get better.

attraction and expectation – another lovely piece by meg fee about feeling a spark. i especially love the end of the post about her own expectations.

on being a queen – such a beautiful post about being a mother by the fantastic natalie holbrook! (i talked about my blogger-obsession with her here, too!) even though i’m not even married yet, this heartfelt post is still so touching to read, and i absolutely cannot wait until i’m a mother.

throwback thursday #4 – chasing cars – a soft, quick little romantic story that just makes me happy!

i have that something with you – another little romantic tidbit! it reads so, so smoothly and is almost poetic.

on courage – a thoughtful piece with a different take on courage – the thought that courage is more related to kindness than actually being bold.

happy reading!

sweet pork and sky

a chilly day.

a grey, blank expanse out the window that speaks of cold and possible, occasional snow flurries.

bleakness, almost unrest outside.

but warm within.

warm colors, warm voices, warm laughter, warm food.

hustle and bustle, in-and-out, in-and-out.

the room speaks of connection, of companionship, of catching up.

all over trays of sweet pork salads and chicken burritos and cheese quesadillas, tossed together to perfection.

i take a drink of my lemonade, the ice cubes crunching satisfyingly together in my cup. the lemonade is perfectly cool, and oh-so-refreshing, as it runs smoothly down my throat.

it’s a good day. a day of friendship and camaraderie, of hard things coasting slowly to a halt.

i look out at the grey, blank sky, and breathe free.


this post was in response to the daily post weekly writing challenge!

mirror mirror…or not?

i spent a good amount of time last summer roughing it in the great outdoors. camping, hiking, boating, et cetera. while i was gallivanting around lakes and through creeks and up mountains, getting terribly dusty and sweaty and considerably disheveled and having a thoroughly fabulous time, i had a thought.

what if we lived in a world without mirrors?

really. think about it.

during my time spent away from proper civilization this summer, no mirrors followed me around. i didn’t have a chance to glance at my hair or makeup or clothes just by stepping into a bathroom.

i got dirty, my hair wasn’t perfectly straight, and my invisible blonde eyelashes were, well, pretty much invisible without a coating of that dark gloppy stuff we call mascara.

and i was totally okay with it. when i didn’t have the chance to look at myself every hour, i actually ended up caring less about how i looked.

the honest truth is that when most of us look in the mirror, we see the flaws. as bad as that is, it is so, so hard not so sometimes.

but what if we had never, ever seen those flaws before? and really, we only consider them flaws based on society’s definition of beauty. so what if we never had the chance to look at ourselves and determine if we had those “flaws” or not?

think of all the depression and the sadness and the self-consciousness that might have never even begun, had people not ever been able to look at themselves.

this summer, i was able to look on people with more love, and with a softer eye because i wasn’t inadvertently comparing my appearance to theirs. after not seeing yourself for even a few hours, i found out that you kind of start to forget the little tiny details of your face in your mind (as weird as that may sound). everything began to soften and blur in my mind until when i thought of my face, i only saw the smile, and the eyes, and the light.

the beauty is what is left behind as everything else fades.

but then you get back in front of a mirror, and the stark reality is staring back at you, and the comparison begins again. suddenly it is so painfully easy to pick out everything that society has told us is far from beautiful, and those nuances seem so painfully obvious.

but what if we didn’t have mirrors? 

there’s my hypothesizing for the day – what do you think?


this post was inspired by the wordpress daily prompt!


“every child is an artist. the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ” 

-pablo picasso

this is refreshing. i love the thought that, just maybe, i’m an artist at something.

and if this quote has some truth to it, which i really believe it does, it also means that everyone else on this enormous planet is an artist in some way, no matter how deeply hidden inside of them it may be. when i think of that, i have this strange desire to get to know anyone and everyone out there and dig up their inner artist from the depths where it may have become forgotten. for me, a person really becomes beautiful to my eyes when i see their talents and their gifts and the unique little bits that make up the side of them that isn’t visible to the entire world.

what is your art? have you stayed an artist as you’ve grown up?