happiness is…?

i think the overarching concept of happiness is something terribly deep and hard to put a single finger on. for me, my faith is what brings my absolute, true happiness, hands-down. but in addition to that, my life is so unbelievably chock full of little bits of happiness to add to the huge mix. everyone always says, “it’s all about the little things,” and as over-used as this phrase is, it is so, so true. it’s those small, tangible happenings that make me appreciate how truly good life really is. i dare you to look for those things around you, those little pieces of life where you find your happiness.

so in the life of tessa kohler, happiness is…

…writing. this has been something that i’ve kind of stumbled into the past few months, but i really do love it. i wouldn’t complain too much if i could quit school and just write pretty words all day.

…daydreaming about romance. 

…unexpected snow. when you wake up to find those gorgeous thick flakes cascading down the sky, especially when they’ve already done a thorough job of coating the whole world already, that’s goodness right there!

…savoring rich moments with family.

…hot chocolate. lots of people drink tea or coffee…mmm yup i’m hot chocolate all the way. in the winter, in the summer, all year long. i’m pretty sure it is a drink full of magical powers. or maybe that’s just sugar…

…being pleasantly surprised in little ways. 

…running in the morning. i’m terrible at waking up early, or even semi-early, but when i’m able to drag myself out of bed for an early-ish morning weekend run, it’s quite stellar. i love running when there’s a little biting chill in the air and when the world hasn’t quite woken up yet. i just let my mind wander around and around and by the time i walk in my front door again my thoughts are much clearer.

…when people you love start to turn their prospects around for the better.

…bright lipstick. yep, you’ve already heard a lot about this one, so i’ll just keep it at that. (if you’re new to the blog, read this post for an introduction to my obssession!)

…talking to people you haven’t seen in a long time. this goes for communication in person, or communication over the internet. either way, it’s a lovely thing indeed to be able to catch up with people you can’t see on a regular basis.

…when pandora gets it spot on. sometimes pandora radio just knows, ya know?

where do you find your little bits of happiness?


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this post was inspired by the Daily Prompt (albeit an eternity late)!


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