pretty words that you should read // 003

pretty words 600

i’m grateful for crushes – reading this makes the romantic side of me freak out. pretty, pretty words about crushes. that’s all i’ve got to say! go read it!

audrey – okay, so this isn’t really words, but a beautiful photo of audrey hepburn, who i absolutely adore. she’s pretty much the epitome of class.

lucid evolving – about being open and happy and not being the one thing standing in your way anymore.

burning in a year that speaks mostly of drowning – heartfelt words about creating joy from within and continuing to fight through life.

and then last, but not least, this is something i pinned on pinterest an eternity ago, but i think about it from time to time, because, come on, holy gorgeous words!…

cracked like the spine of a bookimage source


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2 thoughts on “pretty words that you should read // 003

  1. Oh, thank you Tessa. :) I also love Audrey Hepburn. :) Whenever I add pieces to my work wardrobe (usually after the first pay-check of a new job hits my account!), I think I semi-consciously hold her in mind. I love that conservative-but-sexy look. It’s the reason I really like British labels, like Hobbs, sometimes Karen Millen (not always; they do trashy things sometimes that I don’t understand).

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