a season of being

so i must have read somebody’s mind out there in the world, because you know this whole “blogging-every-day-this-month” thing i’ve set out to do? well it’s actually a legit thing! i started following a whole slew of blogs over the weekend, and somehow stumbled upon this link-up of bloggers who are posting every day in february! i read over the list of prompts for each day, and they’re all stellar ones that relate well to what i enjoy writing about, so i’m going to join in on the party (albeit ten days late…oh well). i don’t often find a list of prompts for blogging every day that i really like, and that fit this blog, so i’m just kinda super excited right now, in a crazy-blogger kind of way. it takes a special kind of person to get ultra-excited about writing prompts, let me tell ya…

anyway, the prompt for day ten is “what you are learning this season.” i’m interpreting that to mean any kind of a season, whether a specific calendar season (winter, spring, etc.), or a period of sameness in life, and i’m going to go in the direction of the latter. i can go a little deeper with that, and deepness is always a good idea, no?

right now, i’m in a season of in-between. life is at a little bit of a lull, and i’m just sitting here waiting, with excitement and bated breath, for the next step. it’s not quite a season of unrest, but just one of anticipation and knowledge of changes right over the horizon.

this season, i’m learning to just be. to be content with where i am in life, to appreciate where i am right this very minute. i’m learning to exist in the moment – and this is a learning process, let me tell you! an era of my life is drawing to a close, with the doors of a new one opening up right in front of me, and i am so beyond excited that i just want to rush through those new doors right this very minute.

but it’s not quite time for that yet. and i’m learning to accept that the inevitable will come in its own due time, without my help. there is a purpose, and a reason, for me being in this in-between season i’m in right now, if i can just find it. even though the alluring view through those upcoming doors looks fabulously grand, there is something for me to gain, and feel, and experience from this season.

and i think i’m starting to figure it out.

my sneaking belief is that my Heavenly Father is trying to tell me, to teach me, to live in the moment, and appreciate every single minute of this existence. the past few years have been all go, go, go, and work, work, work, because you have to reach this point and make this accomplishment and be this amazing. it was always onto the next thing, as soon as one task was over. but right now is different. right now, things are closing, and winding down, and i don’t really have that next looming mountain to overcome. i know those mountains are still there down the road, but at the present moment, i’m walking on flat ground for a little while. it’s about time i do some stopping to smell the roses around these parts.

it’s somewhat of a surreal experience, this experience of watching the world slowly, and peacefully, but heavily shift around you. it’s certainly one that doesn’t happen on a regular basis. so i’m learning to take it all in. i’m learning to drink in the sights and the colors and the sounds and the smells that i haven’t always been the best at noticing before, as caught up as i was in working, and progressing, and struggling uphill, and moving forward.

i’m learning to notice the birds, and the way the snow lands on trees, and the feeling of being surrounded by loved ones, and the taste of home-cooked meals, and the true coziness of an electric blanket, and the sensation of your heart jumping up to your throat, and the experience of being alive. i’m learning to let myself just sit, and simply exist, completely in harmony with the world around me, and completely at peace with the place i am at.

in this season, i’m learning to live, which is a far cry from merely existing. appreciating the little moments has truly been the main vibe in my soul the past few months, if you haven’t been able to tell by the large amount i’ve already written about that subject lately. the big stuff is wonderful and grand, and has its own time, its own season, but i’m slowly and steadily learning that it’s the small stuff that makes life so uniquely rich.

so this season, i’m learning of contentment. i’m learning of peace. i’m learning of beauty. and most importantly, i’m learning of life.

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