what’s in my bag?

Day 12 of the “Blog Every Day in February” challenge is to share what’s in your bag, and let me tell you, this got me excited. Not that I have anything particularly amazing stashed away in my bag, but simply because I. love. bags. I don’t even know what it is, bags are just my favorite accessory. Ever. Even though I only have one or two bags I use regularly, I have an abnormal amount of other ones that just chill in my room all year.

You might have seen this saying running around Pinterest sometime…

shoes…well just substitute “shoes” for “bag” and that just about sums up my whole life. i have an obsession that should probably be cured…eventually. (image source)

Anyway, this also turned out to be a good reminder to clean out my bag. The amount of wrappers and other little pieces of trash I had floating around inside of there is getting a little ridiculous, I’ve realized. I decided to refrain from taking a picture of every piece of that, so, um, you’re welcome.

what’s in my bag?


1. Random receipts from a long time ago that should probably be thrown out. Okay, this is kinda on the trash side, but it’s normal enough that I kept it in there.

2. Gift cards to Jamba Juice and Old Navy that I’ve had for an eternity.

3. Yes, those are three of the same pens. I have two main bags I use, and this is a combination of both of those bags. There ended up being  a total of three pens between the two bags. You never know when you and your two other best friends might need a pen, ya know?

4. The good old wallet. It was a gift, so I actually haven’t a clue where it’s from!

5. Twilight Woods hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works (a.k.a. the magical kingdom of beautiful smells…have you ever tried smelling all of the candles in there at one time? If you haven’t, I wouldn’t recommend trying, actually…my nose hurt afterward.)

6. Colgate Wisps. These were purchased a while ago “just in case.” They looked so cute in the store, and were on sale, and you never know when you might be on a date and have a breath/teeth emergency. At least that was my thought process…

7. This Larabar is from this summer, no joke. I discovered it in a side-pocket that is rarely opened. It is terribly smooshed, and it probably needs thrown out this minute. Or maybe it’s still good to eat???

8. I always have good intentions of writing down brilliant ideas while I’m out and about…yeah this notebook has basically nothing in it.

With my love of bags, you’d think the content inside the bag would be ultra-cute and exciting, and but after doing this, I’ve discovered the sad state my bag insides really are in. Now I’m feeling the need for a bag-overhaul, and I’m pretty sure a trip to Target is now in my near future…

What are the staples in your bag?


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