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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I’m not gonna lie, I do miss the days of elementary school where you decorated your own Valentine’s box with red and pink construction paper and bought cute, slightly cheesy valentines to give to your classmates. I remember over-thinking it way too much and trying to make sure the boys in my class received valentines that were the most un-romantic possible. I also went through all of the valentines I received from the boys and reading waaay too far into each of the messages printed on the store-bought valentines, trying to figure out which ones had a secret crush on me. Ah the simpler days…

Personally, I love a holiday dedicated to romance (even though it has become increasingly more commercial), even though I don’t necessarily have any significant other to spend the holiday with. It’ll all happen in it’s own due time, ya know? Some people can get a tad cynical about Valentine’s Day, but I figure that good intentions and happy, lovely things are at the root of this holiday, so I’ll take it!

If you haven’t guessed already, I have an obsession with all things romance-related, and I get some strange sense of happiness by searching for romantic pictures on Pinterest. I think city-romance pictures are my favorite. So to celebrate love, and romantic cuteness, here are some of my favorite pictures that I’ve pinned on my “Romantic things…” Pinterest board. Also, to read some beautiful words about love, read this post that I discovered today! Enjoy, and I sincerely hope you have a beautiful day, whether it is spent with someone or not!


















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