the delicious thing that is oatmeal

I. love. oatmeal. So much. I used to think it was on the gross side, but now that I learned how to make it right, I love it! Plain oatmeal is a little disgusting, but if you add the right things to it, it can taste utterly delicious.

Some of my favorite add-ins include peanut butter, coconut, chocolate chips, brown sugar, fruit, or sometimes granola. Those all taste pretty great, but my most favorite way to eat my oatmeal (which is also pretty much the least healthy way) is with a combination of three of those. {My apologies for the less-than-stellar camera quality.}




-1 bowl of oatmeal (you can use an oatmeal packet (either plain or brown sugar flavor works best), or make your own by microwaving 1/2 c. oats and about 3/4 c. milk or water together for about 1.5 minutes)

-chocolate chips (as many as your lovely heart desires…I usually toss in 1-2 handfuls or so…I never said this was supposed to be healthy…)

-coconut (again, as much as your lovely heart desires…I usually add about 1/4 c.)

-brown sugar (again, as much as your lovely heart desires…I put in 1-2 good spoonfuls)

Mix it up, savor the rich chocolatey-ness, and enjoy the satisfaction. You’re welcome.


#blogeverydayinFEB is almost over…am I happy or sad about that?


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