well hello again!

Well hey there! I apologize for being so missing in action lately. Or I guess maybe I don’t need to apologize, since this is my blog? I do feel kinda bad, so maybe I at least need to apologize to myself for being so not on it for the past week and a half.

At any rate, whether apologies are due or not, I am back! For good, hopefully! And I’m back with an explanation, as well as a revision of direction.

In the way of explanations, blogging every day in February really did me in. As wonderful as it seemed, especially in the very start, I found that by the end it had taken everything out of me. It took the words, those precious, beautiful, wonderful words, and drained them right out of my heart. I feel like I turned into one of those horrid story problems in math where the water is draining out of a lake at a certain rate, and being filled at a slower rate, and you have to do some fancy pencil-scratching to figure out at what time the water will be at a dangerously low level, or something complicated like that. I always hated those problems.

But that’s what happened in February. The words dutifully flowed out of my fingers and onto this blog, but the rate that they were being replenished was not nearly fast enough to last the entire month. I found that by the end of the month, my writing felt (and sounded) forced and dry. It lacked richness, and substance.

As fun and simple as it was to answer a different prompt every day, and as quality as those prompts themselves were, I’ve found that that’s just not how I work. That’s not how I write. In my mind, it either comes from the heart, or it’s valuable as a bent-out-of-shape paperclip. 

By February 28th, the corner of my heart that is in charge of writing was exhausted and gasping for air. So I took a week-and-a-half long hiatus from all things blog, with my brain telling me every day that I needed to blog, and half-willing me to sit down and actually write something. Because that’s what I’m supposed to do, right?

But I’ve realized that I don’t want to write just because I feel the obligation to post. It shouldn’t feel like a chore. I want to write because I have words about to overflow from the brim of my heart, words that need written and shaped and spoken, whether for myself only, or for anyone else out in the word who cares to read what I write.

Not that there’s anything wrong with bloggers posting every day. I admire the people with the commitment and the motivation to blog every day. For many blogs, and bloggers, this system works flawlessly and successfully.

But it’s not for me, or for my blog. In order for me to write with depth and quality, which is the kind of writing that I feel is the signature of “Life and Loveliness,” I need time. So yes, I’m back at it, but bear with me as I ease back into a schedule that is comfortable for me, and also as I ease back into my usual style that is very far from answering a daily prompt. This blog is still evolving, and I’m still in the process of setting a definite tone for it, but I’m going to work on giving it a little more direction and purpose. I’m hoping for at least three or four posts a week. Maybe closer to the side of three. But along with that reduced number, I can pinkey promise you some writing of substance, something a little thicker, something that you can sink your teeth and thoughts into a little bit better than a “What’s in my Bag” post.

On that note, welcome back to “Life and Loveliness!” I am Miss Tessa Brynn Kohler, a hopeless romantic, a blogger, a writer, a normal person trying to make sense of the world, and a lover of all things beautiful and amazing. I hope you stay a while and find something here that speaks to you.


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