the excitement in a “now what?” phase

Have you ever found yourself in a “Now what?” phase? Where you’ve been anticipating something for so long, and moving toward something for so long, and then you get there, and then you’re just standing around in bewilderment. Okay, I take that back. Not bewilderment. You’re just having a moment where you’re not quite sure what’s next. And you’re plenty, plenty happy – that’s not the issue here – but you just feel like there should be something else large and important to be working toward. There should be something, right? Goals and all that fancy stuff are important in life, right? So I guess I’m on the hunt for a new goal, and I’m trying to do it in such a way that my will is aligned with Heavenly Father’s as well. I guess training for another half marathon is a decent thing to be working on, right? We’ll see how that goes! But even after that, I still feel like there should be something more. And there are huge, enormous life-goals, like marriage (go ahead, roll your eyes) and kids and all that stuff, but I can’t quite do much about that right now, now can I? I’m pretty sure you have to go on dates to get married (*cough cough hear that attractive BYU gentlemen???*). But anyway, we are NOT jumping to the marriage track just yet! Nope, nope, nope!

I just don’t quite like the feeling of sitting here, with not much anticipation for anything in the tangible future. At least the future that I have control over. So I’m just rambling ridiculously here, but I feel like I have to get up and go start doing something! New York sounds like a good idea, right? Although I kinda need a job for that to happen. Ha, maybe that’s what I should be anticipating! That’s the operation of the moment, because money is a good thing to have!

So that’s life! Thanks for humoring me and listening to my crazy thought-train. Maybe I’ll plan a trip to Europe for the summer or something fantastic like that. {And to my family reading this, which pretty much accounts for mostly everyone reading this, I pinkey promise I’m absolutely fine! Life is really quite fantastic! :)}

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2 thoughts on “the excitement in a “now what?” phase

  1. Go to Europe!! You’ll love it. And if you need a somewhat seasoned traveling companion, I’m sure I know someone! ;-)

  2. Oh beautiful Tessa! I think you have hit that point where you have anticipated something for so long that once you get there, you are not quite sure what’s next. No worries…we all go through it. Don’t shy away from feeling what you feel and just seeing where life takes you next. Remember to find joy in the journey (I’m actually not very good at this but I’m getting better). Best of luck to you at college!

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