a classy breakfast + more photos from island life lately

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Caroline and I spent our morning living the classy side of life, breakfasting at the “Behind the Bookstore” cafe here in Edgartown. I think I could definitely do the cafe thing – you know, where you have that one cafe in your neighborhood that you go to in the morning to sip your hot chocolate and check on the internet world and get a nice and easy start to the day. It sounds like a pleasant way to do mornings, right? When I live in New York, the cafe morning is going to happen. Caroline and I also decided this morning that we’re going to open a cafe in Provo with hot chocolate and steamers and oatmeal and baked goods and simple, gourmet sandwiches, so that’s a pretty good plan too.

This morning I sat and ate my breakfast BLT (bacon, lettuce that looks like it’s from my dad’s garden, quality fresh tomato, fried egg, and some sort of sauce, all on toasted sourdough, drizzled with olive oil…I felt all sorts or French or gourmet or something and it was great) and Caroline ate her corn cakes with fresh fruit and honey butter, and I finally bought a plane ticket home and did some online shopping and then we ordered a plate of beignets to share, with fresh apricot jam and homemade whipped cream on the side, and it was lovely. For reals, what kind of life am I living?!? It’s all so, so, so surreal. I’m so grateful for the chance to be here and live out pretty much all the Anne Shirley romantic daydreams I could ever come up with.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Also, online shopping…such a problem. Old Navy and Piper and Scoot and I’m still in search of the perfect striped t-shirt and don’t you dare remind me about bringing all this stuff back on a plane to Utah.

And for the people in my life that are probably dying for more photos of my life {sorry parents…and sorry to everyone else who doesn’t care about seeing more photos of my island adventure}, here are some photos from life lately.

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^^^a little quiet section of beach I discovered on my run this morning. I’m a fan of the water and the sky being the exact same color. Thanks, morning.

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^^^my view yesterday from the shaded wharf while I tried to escape the heat and do some journal-writing for a while before work.

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^^^the typical forest view from my run on Saturday. The whole island looks like this and it’s gorgeous.

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^^^I discovered a farm yesterday, also on my run.

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^^^on the way to State Beach…also on a run

^^^Sengekontacket Pond, across the road from State Beach

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^^^the Edgartown lighthouse on Sunday evening when the weather was foggy. This is a ten-minute walk from my apartment (!!!).

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^^^a nice breather on the beach after work

That’s about it for the update for now. {Yay, I’m keeping up with blogging again!} Also, the NYC trip, yeah it’s most definitely happening now!!! Not next week, but the week after that. Be prepared for excessive photo-dumping here and on Instagram, and since it’s New York City, I have absolutely no shame in bombarding the world with my excitement. New York, I’ve missed ya, and you better be ready for me again in a couple weeks.


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