normal days

today was a quality one.

morning: wake up at 6:15 to go running with 2/3 of the roommates, which was a normal run + hills, but mikelle was also on some sort of crazy running drug that hyped up our pace {super great, by the way}, so that made life fun. and the world at that hour of the morning is so crisp and clean and fresh and goodness, i need to find a way to get myself outside that early more often. and that feeling you get after a good hard run in the cold is my favorite.

ha, then by the time it got to 11:00, time to go to class, it felt like i’d already been up for an eternity. like, did we go running yesterday? or was that really just this morning?’s growing on me.

then evening: the weekly roommate date with mikelle, that we’re turning into a tradition. yes, we walked all way to the end of the world from our apartment just to get gyros from the Greek food truck {the only reason i’d consider living at the riv} and Swig. s o  g o o d. {also, swig is super dangerous because it’s so delicious and their soda isn’t as carbonated, i’ve discovered, which is why i hate normal soda…so that all basically means that i’m hooked.}


then to top off the roommate date we had some good old fun with midterm studying. meh. ha, the kids in the library probably thought we were ridiculous. we figured out that us + caffeine = waaaayyy too much for any normal person to handle. no worries, we were on that one floor of the library where talking {and laughing a ridiculous amount} is allowed.

so yeah, provo life is pretty rad.

these are the lovely, random college days that i’ll remember when this life season is over.  i’m grateful for simplicity and laughter.


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