a normal beautiful day

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the mundane, in the typical and normal and very much regular that is all around. The same routines, the same classes, the same people, the same clothes, the same hair.

But then every once in a while, there’s a day like today, where goodness, the world is beautiful. So dang beautiful and refreshing and full of life. When you decide to walk a different way to class, and the trees are gorgeous, and so are the people, and then there are some new faces! And you notice the life and personality in everyone, just by walking past them.

Then there’s the best hour-long break yet this year, where every attractive man in the entire universe seems to be in the Wilk. And there’s music playing, and then Chick-Fil-A with Mikelle and then, oh hi, there’s my attracive TA {Caroline and I are currently fighting over who gets to marry him}, and just LIFE.

Then special relativity madness in class for an hour, where my mind is blown but it’s the greatest thing ever. No chance of switching majors, but the basic concept is quite interesting.

And Pandora Radio, you are my best friend. Forever and always.

And then this evening I had the greatest walk home from campus. There’s a definite difference between the before-class-walk, and the between-class-walk, and the after-class-walk, I’ve decided. I love my evening walks home. Lately I seem to be doing a lot of going home around 5:00ish, when the sun is barely starting to set, and the way the light streams through the trees and filters into pools on the ground is just glorious. Campus is relatively quiet, so I can really hear myself think without worrying about navigating around the masses of people that are everywhere during the middle of the day. My route home takes me to the southwest corner of campus, which is fairly brimming with trees and other similar nature, plus there’s the Maeser Building, which is beautiful and stately all on its own. Anyway, all of those lovely bits of the world were present on my walk home, and it was so good. I’m determined that when I leave Provo someday, I will have a plethora of soaked-up life moments stored in my memory, and also here on this blog, of my days in this little corner of the world.

On another note, because this is going to be a post that is, once again, full of the random, here are some various thoughts on life lately…

Latest observation: I love passionate people – people that are so obsessed with what they do, that love their major {and the rest of their life, too?} with all their heart and get so excited whenever they talk about it. Fingers crossed that I get into the ad program, and then I’ll feel like I have full license to freak out over all the cool stuff I get to do. I’m kind of at that point right now, but then there’s that nagging voice in the back of my head, ‘um, what if you don’t get in? then you’ll seem a tad bit lame getting so excited over consumer insights and branding and such?’ But then, heck yes I’m going to work my tail off to get in, so hopefully I’ll kill it per personal determination and all will be well in the world. Enthusiasm is the best.

The best thing was talking about copywriting in my ad class last night, with that other voice in my head saying, ‘yes yes yes I am a writer and I can make pretty words happen and life is great!’ Although I’m still thinking more brand strategy than straight copywriting, but it feels good to know that I can also maybe do the copywriter thing. And we were talking about this kid who is a copywriter and apparently reads 5 books a week and that helps him be so good, and that gave me the itch to read books again. So new life goal: READ! I think that people that are well-read are rad. They’re pretty much my favorite. I love the idea of being able to talk about random interesting topics all the time. Yes, life goals.

Also, I’m turning hipster. At least mentally. My current wardrobe isn’t letting me, since everything that I currently own fits under the category of “classy classy classy.” So we’ll see how creative I get. But the hipster mental inclinations are there, so thanks Provo. And I’ve decided that advertising is a hipster major. I don’t know how, but somehow the majority of the ad majors are hipsters. Hipster seems to be like a disease – you immerse yourself in that culture {*cough* Provo} and then you catch the bug.

On the subject of drastic appearance change, I want to dye my hair, which is a big deal. I think the whole dark-roots-light-blonde-on-the-rest look is the coolest. But then I take a look in the mirror and heck no way am I giving up the hair that’s on my head right now, because I actually really love my natural hair color, but then again, a hair change would be kinda fun. Give me a few years and then maybe I’ll finally convince myself. Or maybe after I get married? So not for a few years then haha?

But Provo is so great. I love living in a place where everyone dresses nice, and everyone is ridiculously friendly to the whole world. And then the thing about passionate people – Provo is chock-full of enthusiastic people, and I love it.

And lastly, for your viewing pleasure, being a pre-ad major has helped me develop a love of great commercials, so y’all can check out my personal favorites, if you feel so inclined.

^^^these North Face ones make me want to go have an adventure in the wilderness right. now.

^^^just lovely.

^^^dying. So funny. “I’ve already had like four babies…” ahahaha…

{love, Tessa Brynn}


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One thought on “a normal beautiful day

  1. Love the enthusiasm for life (and even school) that is in this post. Such a positive read! Oh, and you’re great with words, so I think advertising is something you’d totally be great at. :)

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