because I love my life

Guys. Advertising is just so cool. SO COOL. I can’t even handle it. And holy cow, I haven’t posted here AT ALL the last few months, but last semester was crazy, so sorry about that. You’re getting no promises, but at least here’s some semblance of a post.

And I don’t have time for a lot of words now, but I just want to tell the universe about how advertising is just so cool. It’s pure brilliance, and it’s so fun, and I just love it.

I’m so grateful I’ve somehow stumbled onto this thing that I love so much. A year ago, I had no concept at all of the radness (sure, radness can be a word) of the advertising world. I was in such a different place in my life, it’s crazy. Not a bad place, just way different, with different goals and motivations and ideas about where I wanted my life to go. But things change, thank goodness. And I’m in love with where I am now. I’m so grateful I somehow found advertising, and somehow got into one of the top ad programs in the country, and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve already had, and that I will continue to have.

I’ve learned so much about myself in the past 8 months or so. It’s pretty much the coolest thing in the world to hear my professor say things in my ad class right now that completely resonate with the inner part of me that very few people ever get to see. I see all these connections to personality attributes I’ve developed all my life, and it’s the best thing ever to see that those random quirks {ex: people watching and conversational writing and loving NYC primarily because of all the humanity} actually have a place and a use in a career. A legit career. I can be creative and intelligent and sometimes casual and do all the thinking about people’s motivations all at the same time, for the same goal. It all fits together, and I love love love it.

Life is just so rad. So, so, so great. Human truths and consumer insights and account planning are the coolest ever. I just want to talk about it all to everyone. My friends are going to get real tired real quick of me spouting off advertising excitements. Whoops, sorry guys.

I feel like my life is just exploding into this beautiful, rich mixture of things I’m in love with, and continuing to fall in love with, and I’m watching it happen right in front of me, and it makes me so giddy. I have the best friends, the best family, the best major,  some great opportunities, and some incredible truths keeping me grounded. I’m absolutely amazed by how incredible the Lord’s ways are.

Also, last thought: change is annoying, and uncomfortable, but it leads to incredible things.


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