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in the details

not my photo, all credit goes to (the best stock photo site. ever.). i’ve been antsy for Oregon (really for any kind of travel), so this is currently the my phone wallpaper. anyone want to take me with them to the coast?? life is a good… Read More

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summer is good.

good things of today: – Spotify curated playlists – the temple with grandparents – Bombay House – options. – my brand spanking new dinosaur library card – reading Mansfield Park on the lawn by my apartment – good people – the most perfect weather – the… Read More

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Hi there! Welcome back to the blog. Yup, haven’t posted on here in over a year, what up?! I’m in a weird phase of life at the moment. I kind of feel like I don’t really have a purpose. I mean, I kind of do,… Read More