cadbury eggs


I’ve been feeling things really deeply these days.

It’s a time of endings, and soon it’ll be a time of beginnings. But not just “oh I’m moving to a new apartment” beginnings. Like, “I’m moving to an entirely new state and starting adult life in a place where I know zero people” kinds of beginnings. Freeeeeeak.

But that’s life— feeling things. Right?

Everything makes me feel things these days. Mountains. Rain. Photos. Sunsets. My coworkers singing “happy birthday.” French fries.

I’ve seen a few influencers post recently about having feelings—about accepting them, appreciating them, working through them. I’m a beginner to that approach, but we’re trying it out and I’ll let you know how it goes.

But I think there’s also something in the “watch Gossip Girl while eating spontaneously-purchased Cadbury eggs” approach. Because then Gossip Girl makes you cry and crying feels a lot better than having all the un-labeled feelings tight in your chest.

Also, you know what is annoying? When you can’t put labels on feelings. When you’re just feeling. I’d much rather be able to put labels on the emotions and assign those emotions to direct causes, then put lids on those boxes and walk away. And sometimes that works, but then sometimes you have days like today when the feelings refuse to be labeled, they’re just existing. 

Maybe sometime I’ll write a little more about feeling deeply. But for now, those are some thoughts. That’s all!

(also, some good songs for feelings today: “supercut” by Lorde, “everybody lost somebody” by Bleachers, “stay alive” by Lael, “anatome” by Novo Amor & Ed Tullett


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