a few PSAs for your monday

PSA: Madewell jeans are the pinnacle of the jean experience. Don’t let yourself put even one of your legs in their jeans unless you’re prepared to pay for at least one pair. Or (if you’re me), your birthday is coming up and you’re also a student and you are capable of exercising self-control until you can come back with the $20 birthday gift card (courtesy of signing up for the Madewell rewards program) and use the 15% student discount. And you better have a real job somewhere on the horizon so you can pay for your commitment to the best jeans ever.

PSA: If that real job is still on the horizon and is maybe on the further part of the horizon, you can get killer sexy jeans at the Banana Republic outlet for $30. (<—yes, $30. RUN. NOW.)

PSA: IT’S APRIL. YES YES YES. Here is a short list of the good things about April: green, flowers, green, graduation, green, birthday, green, sunshine, green, freckles, green, daylight, school is over, green, enough rain to satisfy my emotions, green.

PSA: Engagement season has begun.

PSA: Chasing Fire by Lauv is gold.

And here’s a completely unrelated photo of a very NOT GREEN Utah. But we’re getting there! It’s only April 2nd — the best is yet to come.

antelope island


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