too cool for park city

[this is a story of not quite being in the same social class as everyone else in park city]

yesterday afternoon we went to Park City, just for exploration’s sake.

by the time we got there, we were hungry. so we walked up and down Main Street, examining menus outside restaurants, and it quickly became apparent that the majority of the Park City visitors must have a different idea than we did about what a sandwich is worth. either that, or Park City sandwiches must be have other-worldly flavor. idk which one it is.

so we settled on ice cream for pre-dinner.

then we walked through a neighborhood and climbed a mountain.

then we drove 15 minutes to find a McDonalds for real dinner.

then we went to a park commandeered by high schoolers.

then we drove home.

conclusion of the day: it’s definitely not that Park City is too cool for us. I’m pretty sure it’s the other way around.

(btw, did you know there’s a Banksy in Park City? so rad!)

*cue photo dump for posterity’s sake*










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