flirting with chicken nuggets


here’s a completely random story, with a completely unrelated photo, just for fun!

it was december. I was doing a photoshoot for the senior page of the AdLab website and we each had to bring some kind of food to take pictures with. I decided to bring chicken nuggets—simple, kinda quirky, shows enough personality, etc.

I get to the McDonald’s drive-through, order my 12-piece nuggets, and pull through to pay. my conversation with the employee at the window went like this:

him: you have the 12-piece nuggets?

me: yeah I do!

(he tells me the price and I hand him my card)

him: you and I should hang out sometime!

me (feeling mildly taken aback hahaha): oh yeah?

him: yeah! one time I ate 60 chicken nuggets! and then another time I got 12, but I could only eat 10.

me: oh yeah? no way!

him: yeah it was really weird!

(he hands me my card back. I drive to the next window to get my nuggets.)

and now I can check “get hit on at McDonald’s” off of my bucket list.

(also, in case you were wondering, if you order a 12-piece chicken nugget, they give it to you in 2 boxes of 6 instead of 1 big box of 12. so disappointing.)


reality today!



living in slight self-consciousness that I maybe smell like a closet because the shirt I’m wearing was commandeered from my grandma’s basement closet. but it’s a rad shirt, so we’re good? also hiiii work bathroom. (side note: benefits of working in an office building with very few females — the bathroom is always so clean, and so empty. and it has a window, so double points for natural light!)


slowly starting the process of getting rid of most of my possessions so I can fit the most important things in my car when I drive to Kansas City in 2 months. the most important things being my books and my clothes, in that order. also, I’m going to miss my house.

feeling antsy. waiting periods are funnnnn! but it’s also good to have a time where I’m being forced to slow down and savor and be mindful.


some pictures


enjoy some randomness from life lately. it’s a good place these days.


because when you discover lighting that makes you look like the sun-kissed babes you are, you don’t let that opportunity slide by.


meet sylvia, my creative outlet.

IMG_0314IMG_0298IMG_0320 2

the ajr concert was lit. (in the very mormon implication of that word)


i found this house on my run today. it has a bookcase on its porch, so i think should be friends with whoever lives there.

ajr has a song that says, “yep, yep I’m gonna miss this someday.” life feels so normal and mundane right now, but i think i’m going to miss it when the next phase happens.

summer is good.


good things of today:

– Spotify curated playlists

– the temple with grandparents

– Bombay House

– options.

– my brand spanking new dinosaur library card

– reading Mansfield Park on the lawn by my apartment

– good people

– the most perfect weather

– the spontaneity that only summer can truly afford

{We’re just trying the blog thing out again because, you know, why not?}

normal days

today was a quality one.

morning: wake up at 6:15 to go running with 2/3 of the roommates, which was a normal run + hills, but mikelle was also on some sort of crazy running drug that hyped up our pace {super great, by the way}, so that made life fun. and the world at that hour of the morning is so crisp and clean and fresh and goodness, i need to find a way to get myself outside that early more often. and that feeling you get after a good hard run in the cold is my favorite.

ha, then by the time it got to 11:00, time to go to class, it felt like i’d already been up for an eternity. like, did we go running yesterday? or was that really just this morning?’s growing on me.

then evening: the weekly roommate date with mikelle, that we’re turning into a tradition. yes, we walked all way to the end of the world from our apartment just to get gyros from the Greek food truck {the only reason i’d consider living at the riv} and Swig. s o  g o o d. {also, swig is super dangerous because it’s so delicious and their soda isn’t as carbonated, i’ve discovered, which is why i hate normal soda…so that all basically means that i’m hooked.}


then to top off the roommate date we had some good old fun with midterm studying. meh. ha, the kids in the library probably thought we were ridiculous. we figured out that us + caffeine = waaaayyy too much for any normal person to handle. no worries, we were on that one floor of the library where talking {and laughing a ridiculous amount} is allowed.

so yeah, provo life is pretty rad.

these are the lovely, random college days that i’ll remember when this life season is over.  i’m grateful for simplicity and laughter.


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