a few PSAs for your monday

PSA: Madewell jeans are the pinnacle of the jean experience. Don’t let yourself put even one of your legs in their jeans unless you’re prepared to pay for at least one pair. Or (if you’re me), your birthday is coming up and you’re also a student and you are capable of exercising self-control until you can come back with the $20 birthday gift card (courtesy of signing up for the Madewell rewards program) and use the 15% student discount. And you better have a real job somewhere on the horizon so you can pay for your commitment to the best jeans ever.

PSA: If that real job is still on the horizon and is maybe on the further part of the horizon, you can get killer sexy jeans at the Banana Republic outlet for $30. (<—yes, $30. RUN. NOW.)

PSA: IT’S APRIL. YES YES YES. Here is a short list of the good things about April: green, flowers, green, graduation, green, birthday, green, sunshine, green, freckles, green, daylight, school is over, green, enough rain to satisfy my emotions, green.

PSA: Engagement season has begun.

PSA: Chasing Fire by Lauv is gold.

And here’s a completely unrelated photo of a very NOT GREEN Utah. But we’re getting there! It’s only April 2nd — the best is yet to come.

antelope island


currently listening // better days

This song. I was trying to explain it to my roommates tonight, but I couldn’t quite do it justice. This song just feels like the world and life and humanity when it’s all full of all the emotions. I think it’s just the instrumentals + words + who knows what else, and it equals something emotional. Ha, just listen to it. The video part doesn’t matter as much, but just listen to the song. And happy late Monday.


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beautiful things of today

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^^random, slightly unrelated photo of my view from my chair in the library this morning

waking up to fresh snow on the ground, and tiny bits of it drifting through the air

walking up the hill in the dark to the temple, when the world was quiet and the snow glowed faintly on the mountainside to the right

early-morning peace in the temple

my cozy living room encircled with soft christmas lights

clarity in the scriptures while curled up on the couch in said living room

the hallelujah chorus on pandora

having my first class canceled

an impromptu almost-hour in the library

stepping outside into the shining sun, with snow on the ground all around

anticipations of home in two days

spending a ridiculous amount of time going through the archives of one of my favorite blogs

the feeling that there are good, magical, exciting things just over the horizon


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blog love

I follow waaaay too many blogs. Or, I guess I should say that I follow way too many blogs for the amount of free time that I have. I would gladly read blogs all day, but I kind of have to get an education, so sadly it’s the blog-reading that suffers.

Out of all the blogs I follow, I have a select handful that I always make to take time to read when their new posts pop up on Bloglovin’. Here are some of my absolute favorites – inspiring blogs written by inspiring people! You better go check them out – you will not be disappointed! {Note: my NYC obsession is so, so obviously made manifest in this list…enjoy!}

Hey Natalie Jean – I’ve mentioned her a couple times here before, but her blog is pretty much wonderful. New York City + an adorable little boy + beautiful words = pure blog greatness.

Meg Fee – Meg is currently on a three-month-or-so blogging break, but you can still go explore her site and have an enjoyable time reading past posts. She also lives in New York City, and has a way of expressing things with words that hits it right on the nail, every single time.

Hannah Brencher – Again, more gorgeously crafted sentences and paragraphs that hit right to the core.

Humans of New York – Brandon Stanton walks around New York City all day with a camera and does a truly amazing job of capturing the life and personality of the people of New York.

In the Head of Al Fox – This has more of a religious slant, but I am always so inspired by Al’s words of encouragement and truth.

Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries – Another New York City blogger with adorable children, beautiful photos, and a lovely vibe about her entire blog.

That should be enough to give you all some stellar reading material for a few afternoons! I hope you all have a fabulous day!


One more day left!


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my favorite things // 01-18-2014

-boots. i haven’t a clue what it is, but i swear putting on a pair of boots can make you feel about fifty times more legit. preferably if they have at least a little tiny bit of a heel.

-subway for lunch. if you haven’t tried the sweet onion chicken teriyaki sandwich at subway before, you better get yourself over there today and have a go at it. subway in general is pure deliciousness, but that particular sandwich pretty much made my day earlier this week.

-my maroon 5 pandora radio station. sometimes pandora just gets it right, ya know? this station has a history of performing amazingly just for me, and this week was no exception. lots of perfect-song-at-just-the-right-time moments happening over here!

i hope everyone’s week went fantastically!

what were your favorite things this week?