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last things

(this was written back in October, but I just rediscovered it on my computer and it felt like something that needed published) tonight I started “Gossip Girl” because Britt and I were talking about it in Brooklyn last week and I became aware of the… Read More

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in the details

not my photo, all credit goes to (the best stock photo site. ever.). i’ve been antsy for Oregon (really for any kind of travel), so this is currently the my phone wallpaper. anyone want to take me with them to the coast?? life is a good… Read More

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because I love my life

Guys. Advertising is just so cool. SO COOL. I can’t even handle it. And holy cow, I haven’t posted here AT ALL the last few months, but last semester was crazy, so sorry about that. You’re getting no promises, but at least here’s some semblance… Read More

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good spring days

This past weekend was General Conference, and it was so needed. There is something so comforting in knowing that we have leaders that are inspired by Heavenly Father, and that are direct messengers of His will. I sustain them always. My dad got his hands… Read More

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a good day

Sleeping in, and skipping my run, because my bed was entirely too comfortable this morning and half marathon training is making my legs tight like no other. I made an executive decision to stay inside and oh did it feel good. Walking to class in… Read More