a friday night

I called this video “a friday night,” but it’s also called: “messing around with premiere trying to make my iPhone video clips look cool.”

this night consisted of the following steps:

  1. bake Pillsbury biscuits
  2. drive to Slate Canyon with biscuits
  3. eat biscuits with jam while watching the sunset
  4. drive to Pioneer Book
  5. discover a Utah treasure hunting book that someone was reading
  6. hang out on top of a parking garage
  7. get ice cream

everybody that we told our plan to commented it sounded like a date hahaha. so Aubrey and I exist to prove to the Provo world that you don’t have to wait to do spontaneous/random/adventurous things until you’re dating someone. life can be rad always.



last things

(this was written back in October, but I just rediscovered it on my computer and it felt like something that needed published)

tonight I started “Gossip Girl” because Britt and I were talking about it in Brooklyn last week and I became aware of the fact that I might just have a gaping hole in my teenage-hood. also she something about how when they were producing the show they did major ethnographies to figure out what upper east side teenage life was really like, which is super rad.

life is at a weird phase. i feel like I’m in-between. i’m feeling antsy and restless, but i’m not at the point where i don’t want to work, so that’s good. it feels like there’s something more coming, maybe soon. because sometimes this “i’m going to get to new york city” mentality is a little lonely. ha, and sometimes you need a 40-minute mental break for the first episode of Gossip Girl.

i have a hunch that today was the last experience-able fall saturday. meaning the last one before it’s too cold to be pleasantly outside. so when i should have spent all my minutes doing homework on my bed, i ran to Swig for a Dr. Pepper and took my hammock and my homework to the elementary school field that was home to a few solid hammocking sessions this summer. it’s weird to think that i’m living a series of “lasts” again.

technically this was my last homecoming week. weird. I might have not actually participated in any of the homecoming activities (whoops…the intentions were there a year ago…), but it was still the last.

there’s this AJR song that I just turned on called “come hang out.” i just turned it on for the first time since probably the summer. it has this one line – “yep, yep, I’m gonna miss this someday.” and I’m already feeling it.

but back to lasts. mostly last Provo things. the last Provo fall. the last Provo Canyon leaves. I just had my last Provo summer. soon my last Provo Halloween will be over.

this place has been such a good home for the past three years. I grew up here. I (somewhat) figured out so many of the goals and ambitions that I have that are so integral to who I am now. my feminist side came out here. my career woman side came out here. new york city became a reality here (thanks, advertising!). i met my best friends here — friends of a caliber and kindred spirit-ness that i would have never ever imagined that i would find.

so many good things. moving on is a good thing, but I’m so grateful for all the goodness that has been life these past few years.

in the details


not my photo, all credit goes to unsplash.com (the best stock photo site. ever.). i’ve been antsy for Oregon (really for any kind of travel), so this is currently the my phone wallpaper. anyone want to take me with them to the coast??

life is a good place. and i say that all the time, but it really, really is. things are looking up, but even if they weren’t looking up life would still be a good place.

in the temple today i was reminded that Heavenly Father is in all good things. the past month (probably even couple of months?) have been really tough, and i found myself really straining to make sense of the Lord’s hand in my life. but looking back i am able to see all the tender mercies—all the small details—that have helped get me through. lovely parks. sunshine. random snow. new music. a calling. books. notes and texts from loved ones. strength. and maybe most of all, incredible friends.

when i was searching for a large life-shift as evidence of the Lord’s love for me, i didn’t realize that love being manifested every single day in the small pieces that have helped me dig deep through this time and grow in the ways that i’ve needed to. life gets hard so we can learn and grow and move closer to being the person that we have the potential to be.

and faith—even a little bit of it—brings so much strength.

mosiah 4:9 will forever be one of my favorite scriptures: “believe in God; believe that he is, that that he created all things, both in heaven and in earth; believe that he has all wisdom, and all power, both in heaven and in earth; believe that man doth not comprehend all the things which the Lord can comprehend.”

everything is under control. everything happens for a reason. i’m so grateful for that knowledge.

because I love my life

Guys. Advertising is just so cool. SO COOL. I can’t even handle it. And holy cow, I haven’t posted here AT ALL the last few months, but last semester was crazy, so sorry about that. You’re getting no promises, but at least here’s some semblance of a post.

And I don’t have time for a lot of words now, but I just want to tell the universe about how advertising is just so cool. It’s pure brilliance, and it’s so fun, and I just love it.

I’m so grateful I’ve somehow stumbled onto this thing that I love so much. A year ago, I had no concept at all of the radness (sure, radness can be a word) of the advertising world. I was in such a different place in my life, it’s crazy. Not a bad place, just way different, with different goals and motivations and ideas about where I wanted my life to go. But things change, thank goodness. And I’m in love with where I am now. I’m so grateful I somehow found advertising, and somehow got into one of the top ad programs in the country, and I’m so grateful for all the opportunities I’ve already had, and that I will continue to have.

I’ve learned so much about myself in the past 8 months or so. It’s pretty much the coolest thing in the world to hear my professor say things in my ad class right now that completely resonate with the inner part of me that very few people ever get to see. I see all these connections to personality attributes I’ve developed all my life, and it’s the best thing ever to see that those random quirks {ex: people watching and conversational writing and loving NYC primarily because of all the humanity} actually have a place and a use in a career. A legit career. I can be creative and intelligent and sometimes casual and do all the thinking about people’s motivations all at the same time, for the same goal. It all fits together, and I love love love it.

Life is just so rad. So, so, so great. Human truths and consumer insights and account planning are the coolest ever. I just want to talk about it all to everyone. My friends are going to get real tired real quick of me spouting off advertising excitements. Whoops, sorry guys.

I feel like my life is just exploding into this beautiful, rich mixture of things I’m in love with, and continuing to fall in love with, and I’m watching it happen right in front of me, and it makes me so giddy. I have the best friends, the best family, the best major,  some great opportunities, and some incredible truths keeping me grounded. I’m absolutely amazed by how incredible the Lord’s ways are.

Also, last thought: change is annoying, and uncomfortable, but it leads to incredible things.


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good spring days

This past weekend was General Conference, and it was so needed. There is something so comforting in knowing that we have leaders that are inspired by Heavenly Father, and that are direct messengers of His will. I sustain them always.

My dad got his hands on a couple tickets to Conference for Saturday afternoon that he passed on to me, so my soon-to-be-roommate-next-semester (whooo!) Mikelle and I went, which was absolutely great. Temple Square looks so gorgeous, with all the blossoms and green grass and tulips and pansies and it was just the best. And even though Salt Lake is a far cry from NYC, it still makes me itch for the city. Also, I just love the Salt Lake temple, and I’m kinda thinking it’s where I want to get married. Yes, practically everyone in the world gets married there, but it’s just so beautiful – inside and outside – and my parents were married there, and it just represents eternity in my mind. And yes to the most beautiful wedding pictures.

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Not pictured is an incredible bed of tulips and other colorful flowers behind us, and tree blossoms all around us, and green everywhere. It was fantastic, so use your imagination a bit. My apologies for those that are fortunate enough to follow me on Instagram, and also be my friend on Facebook, and get to see this picture for the third time. I was just lame and I didn’t take any other pictures.

Also, side note to appreciate the wonder of Café Rio. We went there after Conference, and it was the best. The sweet pork salad never ever disappoints.

Saturday evening around dusk I stepped downstairs to pay rent real quick, and the night just felt lovely, so I felt that a spontaneous walk was necessary. I just walked around Kiwanis park before it started getting too dark, but it was a good choice indeed. At that hour, the park was so calm and peaceful and quiet, and it almost felt like a summer evening (can we all just give a big ‘amen’ to the wonder of summer evenings?). And the air was just right for thinking, which was convenient.

Yeah, it was a good weekend. Yesterday I took a walk up to the temple in hopes of catching the sunset over Utah lake (I have a thing for sunsets lately) and doing some more thinking & writing. It was a bit too chilly and windy for it to be completely comfortable, and the wind made the air all grey with dust, so the sunset thing wasn’t too glamorous, but it was still good to sit by the temple for a bit. I’m going to miss the Provo temple for the four months that I’ll be off having adventures elsewhere.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Since it’s coming up on the end of the year (3 WEEKS TILL I MOVE WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?), I’ve been doing some looking back, and appreciating. Appreciating my amazing roommates, and BYU, and Provo, and getting to live next to a mountain, and my ward, and having a park as a backyard, and I am just so grateful. It’s been a wonderful year. I’ve grown so much, and learned so much, and had so many experiences that I wouldn’t ever trade.

These last days are tinged with the bittersweet, since next year I’ll be moving to a new apartment, and only keeping 1/3 of my current roommates, and saying goodbye to the previously mentioned backyard park, and I’ll miss a lot of what life is now, but I know that there are good things to come {Martha’s Vineyard this summer, a.k.a. I’m going to be living on an island that is much closer to New York than I’ve been in the past three years, and no school for four months, and then there’s Brick Oven Pizza just down the street from our apartment in the fall, and granite countertops in said apartment, and a pink bathtub, and I’ll be living with some other amazing people}, so I’m stoked for the future.

Side note again, if you’re in the mood for some sap, I’ve been on a wedding video kick, and these are my two current favorites:

Also side note again, I’ve remembered that I actually really like blogging, so we’re gonna try to do this once a week or so, just to ease back into it. Cheers.


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