flirting with chicken nuggets


here’s a completely random story, with a completely unrelated photo, just for fun!

it was december. I was doing a photoshoot for the senior page of the AdLab website and we each had to bring some kind of food to take pictures with. I decided to bring chicken nuggets—simple, kinda quirky, shows enough personality, etc.

I get to the McDonald’s drive-through, order my 12-piece nuggets, and pull through to pay. my conversation with the employee at the window went like this:

him: you have the 12-piece nuggets?

me: yeah I do!

(he tells me the price and I hand him my card)

him: you and I should hang out sometime!

me (feeling mildly taken aback hahaha): oh yeah?

him: yeah! one time I ate 60 chicken nuggets! and then another time I got 12, but I could only eat 10.

me: oh yeah? no way!

him: yeah it was really weird!

(he hands me my card back. I drive to the next window to get my nuggets.)

and now I can check “get hit on at McDonald’s” off of my bucket list.

(also, in case you were wondering, if you order a 12-piece chicken nugget, they give it to you in 2 boxes of 6 instead of 1 big box of 12. so disappointing.)

in the rain

“Think of the times when you felt freaking alive and find the themes.” — Mark Pollard

^^^that’s been the motto of life recently. (but isn’t that brilliant?)

for me, those are times when I’m outside of my comfort zone, or at least experiencing newness.

in keeping with this, last night happened.

it rained all day, and I love how streetlights reflect on the pavement when it rains, so I drove to south to the Provo cemetery around sunset to see if I could take any decent pictures of the world. (aaaand I found out today that apparently it’s a misdemeanor to be at the cemetery after dusk hahaha…whoops) it started pouring a few minutes after I got out of the car, and I quickly learned that nothing I was wearing was waterproof, but if we’re talking about experiences where you feel freaking alive, this was one of them. it was something about being on a little hill, all by myself, in the almost-dark, soaking wet, trying to capture light and dark and trees and mountains and also keep my camera somewhat dry…yeah it was good.

the pictures are grainy because I was on such a high ISO setting, but I actually really love it.











reality today!



living in slight self-consciousness that I maybe smell like a closet because the shirt I’m wearing was commandeered from my grandma’s basement closet. but it’s a rad shirt, so we’re good? also hiiii work bathroom. (side note: benefits of working in an office building with very few females — the bathroom is always so clean, and so empty. and it has a window, so double points for natural light!)


slowly starting the process of getting rid of most of my possessions so I can fit the most important things in my car when I drive to Kansas City in 2 months. the most important things being my books and my clothes, in that order. also, I’m going to miss my house.

feeling antsy. waiting periods are funnnnn! but it’s also good to have a time where I’m being forced to slow down and savor and be mindful.


a few PSAs for your monday

PSA: Madewell jeans are the pinnacle of the jean experience. Don’t let yourself put even one of your legs in their jeans unless you’re prepared to pay for at least one pair. Or (if you’re me), your birthday is coming up and you’re also a student and you are capable of exercising self-control until you can come back with the $20 birthday gift card (courtesy of signing up for the Madewell rewards program) and use the 15% student discount. And you better have a real job somewhere on the horizon so you can pay for your commitment to the best jeans ever.

PSA: If that real job is still on the horizon and is maybe on the further part of the horizon, you can get killer sexy jeans at the Banana Republic outlet for $30. (<—yes, $30. RUN. NOW.)

PSA: IT’S APRIL. YES YES YES. Here is a short list of the good things about April: green, flowers, green, graduation, green, birthday, green, sunshine, green, freckles, green, daylight, school is over, green, enough rain to satisfy my emotions, green.

PSA: Engagement season has begun.

PSA: Chasing Fire by Lauv is gold.

And here’s a completely unrelated photo of a very NOT GREEN Utah. But we’re getting there! It’s only April 2nd — the best is yet to come.

antelope island

a weird place


I love Provo. I’ll probably make a long list of all the things I’m going to miss at some point in the future, but right now it’s enough to say that this very weird place is also very lovely. Especially today, for no specific reason.

Some random thoughts, just for fun:

Today the guy at the pharmacy told me I have a nice smile. That was unexpected, and probably more needed than I’ll let myself think.

Sometimes I think about how I’m not going to live next to the mountains anymore, and that kind of makes me want to cry.

Today is one of those days where you can tell that we’re inching closer to summer, which makes Kansas City feel more and more real, and more and more final.

Yesterday I saw someone’s bike parked on campus that had a branch of yellow flowers woven through the spokes. That’s how you know the world is a good place, kids!

I keep feeling like I have things to say— like I wasn’t just given my talents/interests/personality to just hang out and be quiet. I don’t know yet what I’m supposed to say, or do, or create, but I’ll figure it out.

That’s all! Happy Thursday!