some things!

things giving me life lately:

– Alison Faulkner’s podcast

THIS BOOK. I found it in a used bookstore in Lawrence, Kansas and it is so cool visually and it hits so close to how I’m feeling lately (really, how I’ve been feeling for the last year of my life).

– herbal tea. is this adulthood??? I feel like herbal tea is the La Croix of the warm beverage world. it really doesn’t have much flavor, but I’m into it??? or maybe it’s just that I feel so adult with a thermos and tea?

so if you, too, want to partake in some life goodness, try any of those three things! (do I sound like an infomercial yet?)

also, some words from the author of that book above: “belong to yourself.” I like that. so much of life these days is figuring out who I am, but even as I’m in the process along the way I want to belong to myself, and be all of myself, as much as I possibly can. I think that’s where you find contentment and resting, even in the middle of searching and change.



“every child is an artist. the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up. ” 

-pablo picasso

this is refreshing. i love the thought that, just maybe, i’m an artist at something.

and if this quote has some truth to it, which i really believe it does, it also means that everyone else on this enormous planet is an artist in some way, no matter how deeply hidden inside of them it may be. when i think of that, i have this strange desire to get to know anyone and everyone out there and dig up their inner artist from the depths where it may have become forgotten. for me, a person really becomes beautiful to my eyes when i see their talents and their gifts and the unique little bits that make up the side of them that isn’t visible to the entire world.

what is your art? have you stayed an artist as you’ve grown up?