pretty words that you should read // 004

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I’m baaaack! I haven’t done one of these posts in over a month, and it feels good to get back into my routine again!

A Blog Manifesto – If you don’t read any of these other posts, go read this! Especially if you’re a blogger. Or even if you’re not a blogger, it’s beautiful. I agree with her times fifty thousand. I’ve had random thoughts about the blogging world and its shortcomings floating around in my head a lot lately, and Meg did a stellar job of expressing exactly what I’ve been thinking of.

An Uphill Battle – Bailey Jean was the blogger who hosted #blogeverydayinFEB, and I’m so glad that I found her blog! This is a wonderful piece from back in February about choosing joy and happiness and goodness, even when so many other choices seem easier.

I’m Grateful for Love – This is also from a while ago, but it’s still well worth sharing. Thoughtful, well-said words about love, and affection, and emotion, and its place in our lives.

Also, if you missed it earlier this week… Fixing What’s Broken,  where I dig some meaning out of shattered dishes and talk about putting the pieces of life back together.


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I follow waaaay too many blogs. Or, I guess I should say that I follow way too many blogs for the amount of free time that I have. I would gladly read blogs all day, but I kind of have to get an education, so sadly it’s the blog-reading that suffers.

Out of all the blogs I follow, I have a select handful that I always make to take time to read when their new posts pop up on Bloglovin’. Here are some of my absolute favorites – inspiring blogs written by inspiring people! You better go check them out – you will not be disappointed! {Note: my NYC obsession is so, so obviously made manifest in this list…enjoy!}

Hey Natalie Jean – I’ve mentioned her a couple times here before, but her blog is pretty much wonderful. New York City + an adorable little boy + beautiful words = pure blog greatness.

Meg Fee – Meg is currently on a three-month-or-so blogging break, but you can still go explore her site and have an enjoyable time reading past posts. She also lives in New York City, and has a way of expressing things with words that hits it right on the nail, every single time.

Hannah Brencher – Again, more gorgeously crafted sentences and paragraphs that hit right to the core.

Humans of New York – Brandon Stanton walks around New York City all day with a camera and does a truly amazing job of capturing the life and personality of the people of New York.

In the Head of Al Fox – This has more of a religious slant, but I am always so inspired by Al’s words of encouragement and truth.

Love Taza | Rockstar Diaries – Another New York City blogger with adorable children, beautiful photos, and a lovely vibe about her entire blog.

That should be enough to give you all some stellar reading material for a few afternoons! I hope you all have a fabulous day!


One more day left!


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pretty words that you should read // 003

pretty words 600

i’m grateful for crushes – reading this makes the romantic side of me freak out. pretty, pretty words about crushes. that’s all i’ve got to say! go read it!

audrey – okay, so this isn’t really words, but a beautiful photo of audrey hepburn, who i absolutely adore. she’s pretty much the epitome of class.

lucid evolving – about being open and happy and not being the one thing standing in your way anymore.

burning in a year that speaks mostly of drowning – heartfelt words about creating joy from within and continuing to fight through life.

and then last, but not least, this is something i pinned on pinterest an eternity ago, but i think about it from time to time, because, come on, holy gorgeous words!…

cracked like the spine of a bookimage source


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pretty words that you should read // 002

pretty words 600

gracefully changing… – a thought-provoking piece about embracing the inevitable and accepting change.

uncaptured candids – lovely words about beautiful, untouched memories.

why i shouldn’t be left alone on a saturday night – reading this made me laugh, since i definitely relate to those sorts of evenings when i’m left alone!

an open letter to my one-day-sunday-someone – meg fee again, and i think the title perfectly explains the post!

on literary risk – the sacrifice of character – interesting thoughts on over-used, extreme characters, and how the normal stories of normal people are just as worth telling.


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pretty words that you should read // 001