these days

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^^^ Prospero’s bookstore the other night (a new favorite place in KC!)

things are interesting. it’s been weird not going back to school with everyone else that’s back in Utah. not as weird as I thought it was going to be, but still weird. sometimes I get major FOMO for all the cool things I hear about going on back in Provo.

it’s also weird being in a phase that, for the first time in my life, doesn’t really have a concrete end date. I don’t have an end date for living in Kansas City, I don’t have an end date for being an unmarried person, I don’t have an end date for…really anything. life feels different knowing that at this point any serious progression or movement is really up to me.

but! overwhelmingly, life is a good place to be. I really, really love it here. there are so many things for me to learn in every single section of my life, and I’m excited to see how everything plays out.


those corn mazes

Ever since the weather took a turn for the chilly side of things a few weeks ago, the itching for all things fall-related has beenĀ real, let me tell you! I didn’t realize I had such a thing for pumpkin foods until fall started acting up, and now I have this need to pin ALL THE PUMPKIN THINGS on Pinterest. It’s a struggle. I know, I know, the pumpkin thing is a bit of a bandwagon fad, but I’m jumping in wholeheartedly because it’s all so good that I just don’t care. Go ahead and judge, I’ll just be sitting here with my pumpkin french toast having a grand old time.

So yeah, there’s pumpkin. But! Even more than the pumpkin craving, the corn maze craving has been going full-force, which is a bit of a problem when you’re stuck without a car, and with roommates without cars (although I would say I’m far from being “stuck” with those lovely people), and the nearest corn maze is definitely far enough to require a car. But it’s not fall without going to a corn maze at least once or twice, am I right?

Guys. Good things happen when you mix fall cravings and dating deprivation. And people with cars. Also, guys need to man up and quit complaining about how difficult it is to pull dates together, because a group of us girls set up a 6-couple blind date in a matter of hours, no problem. So just sayin………Actually, I would hate to be a guy and have to ask girls on dates….it’s a piece of cake to just be the person setting up two people.

Anyway! The corn maze inkling was satisfied tonight on a group date of adventurous proportions. There were pumpkins. And corn. And a corn gun. And gelato at the end. And even though my Idaho instincts got all fired up at the shorter-than-normal-corn, it was enough to get me through fall without feeling completely deprived.


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^^^Pumpkins, guys! Do you see them?! Yes, they look yellow from the lovely floodlight just behind me, but they’re pumpkins!!

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^^^This is called a hey-I-found-a-cute-gazebo-Caroline-take-a-picture! There are benefits to having a roommate with a photographer sister, and at the moment I’m working on the grasp-the-moment-and-take-pictures-all-the-time concept, with Caroline as my guide! So yeah…gazebo!

It was a good night, with new friends, and lots of laughs, and isn’t fall just great? Those corn mazes, man!


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