so i have a thing for snow…

so in idaho, um, it snows here. not as much as other places around the world, but we get a decent amount of the good white stuff every year. it seems like i’ve mentioned all of this amazing snow a lot in blog posts lately, but i. love. snow. i don’t even ski or snowboard or anything fancy like that, but i have this super enormous love for snow nonetheless. i can’t remember being so excited about it when i was a little kid, but somewhere around age 12 or so, this snow-love really kicked in.

the past few days around these parts have just been snow, snow, snow all over. and this hasn’t been sissy snow…nope, it’s been the thick, wet, snowman-making kind that blankets the houses and cars and buildings with cold goodness. i took myself on a walk yesterday morning, sporting a lovely combination of sweats and riding boots and my winter coat and an interestingly-colored beanie with a pom-pom on top and a white crocheted scarf from my crocheting phase a few years ago, aaaand armed with my camera. i rarely just go take a walk (my reasoning being, why spend the extra time walking, when you could just run?), so this was nice and refreshing. also, i’m terrible at remembering to take pictures, so this was a good exercise for looking for things to photograph. i’m not the best at including pictures with my posts, since it’s so much more natural for me to just write, but whenever i do make myself take pictures, i find that it actually turns out somewhat well, and it {hopefully} makes the words more interesting. so keep scrolling down for some prime snow and tree pictures (because trees always seem to look extra great against the backdrop of that greyish-white snow sky), plus some more words intermittently dispersed throughout!

footprints and a tire track
my favorite ducks!

there’s a bird at the tippy top of this huge tree!
so yeah, this thing that i have for snow. it floats in and takes the world by surprise, landing wherever it pleases, and transforming the world into something picturesque and softer and smoother around the edges. and along with making the present beautiful, it also bring an air of nostalgia, of memories – of happy childhood days of making forts with friends, of white christmases long past, of good food and good company cozy inside while the snow cascades outside.

i thrive off of the remembrance, and the transformation, and the magic. there is  something so special and lovely about a field or a backyard or a sidewalk completely covered by pure, smooth, untouched snow, blanketed heavily with this thick,yet still light, whiteness.

i love the way it collects in the nooks and corners of trees, and the way it clings to pine-needles, and the way it outlines the tops and horizontal posts on fences. there is something about snow that just clicks with me.

the view from under the bridge
just another awesome tree…
the prettiest tree branches
white, white, white
more tree-ness…
snow in small places
thorns by the water

romantic bridge…
i was thinking the other day that even though snow means cold, and sketchy roads, and wetness, and shoveling, and quite a few other sometimes-unpleasant things, i don’t know that i could ever live somewhere it doesn’t snow. florida and hawaii and all of that sun does sound very nice, but there’s something in me that needs that white stuff that floats down through the sky.

i need a winter, and a contrast to brightness and heat. there’s probably an essay hidden in that truth somewhere, if i take the time to dig it out. but anyway, there’s a part of me that needs the cold and the stark whiteness and the transformation into snow-land. it sets me up with a vibe of fulfillment that no other weather can bring. so today i’m grateful for snow, and the beauty that it brings to my world.

grasses peek up through the whiteness

aaand lastly…one of the whole package
are you a fellow snow-loving person? or does the year-round warm environment click with you more? 

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my favorite things // 02-08-2014

-the olympics – so i kind of have this really strange obsession with the olympics. there’s just something about the whole world (or a lot of it, at least) setting aside their differences and coming together to compete that just gets me. i know it’s not all quite as idealistic and picture-perfect as that, but the principal behind it is admirable. and the winter olympics are my absolute favorite! everyone seems to prefer the summer olympics, but i just have a thing for figure skating and watching people ski and bobsled and jump off of ramps really high into the air and all of that jazz.

-clair de lune – i had a friend ask me the other day if i could play this, and i actually haven’t ever learned this piece, so i dug through my music to check it out. i think i’ve shied away from it just because of it’s popularity, and i prefer to be less mainstream with my music. but holy cow! this song is beautiful! it’s been running through my head since monday afternoon, when i sat down played through it for the first time. if you’ve never heard it before, watch this video!

-telling secrets – if you’ve been following me for longer than a couple weeks, then you might remember this post, where i talked about my fear of telling people in my real life about my blogging. well guess what? i actually did it! and now i honestly don’t know what i was so afraid of, because the response has been so overwhelmingly amazing and supportive. i’m so grateful for wonderful friends who don’t find it weird that i write all of this randomness. thank you, thank you, thank you!

leave a comment with some of your favorite things this week! i love hearing from you! 


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what the kids need to know

so the other day, when i re-discovered kid president and went on a little youtube spree of watching his videos (i mentioned him in my favorite things last week), i came across this video…

in the video he gave a challenge to bloggers, youtubers, and really anyone else in the world to write about what the kids need to know. inspiration struck, and i thought i’d take him up on the challenge!

what the kids need to know

dear kids,

there’s some good and bad here. life can be a pretty tough place, and it’s not all smiles and sunshine, but i’m a firm believer that the rough spots contain some special bits of light of their own that make everything simply awesome. so here’s what ya gotta know!

forgive. sometimes people don’t behave exactly how you’d like them to. actually, people usually don’t behave exactly how you’d like them to. but life sits so much better when you shake things off, let it go, and move on. hard feelings just rot and turn moldy until they creep into even the far corners of your life. and moldy corners are just gross!

give people the benefit of the doubt. you never know exactly what someone else is going through, so i’ve found that it’s always best to forge ahead and accept people without questioning. yup, this is a hard one, especially when the world tells you that it’s a waste of time to make excuses for people, but i’ve found that when i do make those excuses, it always pays off.

read. a lot. pick up a book, any book, and just try it out! the value of a good, solid book is slowly diminishing as we speak. reading will open up your world and stretch your dreaming-mechanisms to the farthest corners of the sky and beyond in a way that is so uniquely enriching. reading books has made me a better writer and a much more open-minded person.

do what you love. search out what you are passionate about in life and chase after it. just do what makes you happy!

find the happiness. i pinkie promise you, it’s there. the entirety of what i write in this blog could be essentially boiled down to this one idea {for example, this post, this post, this post, my “about” page, and this post}, so i won’t dwell on it too long, but just trust me on this. at times you may have to do some digging, but those gold nuggets of goodness will always turn up.

eat the cookie dough. because cookie dough is delicious. maybe i really shouldn’t be telling you this, because i doubt that salmonella poisoning is very fun, but i haven’t gotten sick yet, so i’d venture that most of the time you’re probably safe. just do it.

life is a party. some pretty crazy things happen in life, let me tell ya! life is weird, and fun…and it’s just simply a party! complete with fireworks and presents and lots of celebration! dance and sing at the top of your lungs and laugh until your sides hurt as long as the party lasts.

you. are. awesome. people don’t give you guys half enough credit! i teach a bunch of you kids piano lessons, and you’ve got more up in your heads than adults like to admit. you are smart, and unique, and capable. don’t ever forget that.

so, yes, the world is tough. it will make you work and sometimes cry. but it will also make you happy. so, so, so happy. this life isn’t always picture-perfect, but it is blessed. remember that.

i wish you all the best, and lots of smiles and magic!



what do you think the kids need to know? 

my favorite things // 02-01-2014

– kid president. oh my goodness, this kid is just so cute and happy and his videos just brighten my day! i saw some of his videos a few months ago, but i forgot about him until yesterday when i came across one online. he’s just the best!

– oatmeal. i think i could eat oatmeal for every meal of the day. plain oatmeal isn’t all that great, but when you add a little brown sugar, and some peanut butter, or some chocolate chips, or some coconut (or all three)…mmm that’s good.

– snowflakes. especially those big, thick ones that come in all at once and take the world by surprise, until pretty soon everything is all white and fluffy and gorgeous.

what were your favorite things this week?

p.s. in other news, i’m going to try to blog every day in february! i have my fingers crossed that i can get through the month, but i’m quite excited! so check back here every day for some sort of lovely something!