favorite bits of life lately


-Thinking back to this weekend when I was in possession of a DSLR for a brief smidgen of time, and we took magical pictures on a mountain.

-Don’t be deceived by the above picture, which was taken on Sunday, but it snowed lovely, huge, fabulous flakes here in Provo starting last night and continuing until this afternoon. Everyone else in the world here was complaining but I was in heaven because snow is fabulous. And it’s supposed to be back to 70 degrees again in a few days, so I’m not too worried. After having the lamest winter in history {hear that Utah?! get your act together next year!}, a little bit of snow is good for my soul. {Side note: huge blowing flakes look harmless enough, but try running up a large hill with those shooting into your face and it’s a different story. But still an adventure.}

-Classes are OVER for the year! Now the trick is going to be getting my brain to stay turned on for the next week enough to get through finals…Right now it just wants to float away to an island on the east coast, or a forest, or a mountaintop, or New York City…

-I discovered THIS beautiful musical goodness today. Josh Groban + Kelly Clarkson + Phantom of the Opera = something absolutely wonderful. Listen and behold.

-Also, THIS article about Frank Sinatra is just great. He’ll always be my favorite.


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little-known facts

-I’m not a selfie person. Seriously, it requires so. much. effort. to take a picture of myself, and the act of taking a picture of myself is unnatural to me. Actually, I’m the worst at remembering to pull out my camera in any situation, selfie or not. But! I feel like pictures of things that aren’t trees and ducks and snow and canals are in need over in this here blog, so I need to get working on it. So that being said, I attempted the selfie this afternoon, in an effort to start conquering my selfie fears…

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

-I have a strange love for cats. Loving cats isn’t weird at all, except for the fact that I’m allergic, soooo that’s a little bit of a problem I’ve got on my hands. But yeah, I just have a thing for cats. Dogs are so happy all the time (yes, I know I’m generalizing), and cats seem to have a variety of mysterious emotions that I connect with a little better. Maybe someday I’ll get treated for my cat allergy and then fulfill my destiny of becoming that crazy cat lady down the street with approximately seventeen of the furry creatures, give or take a few.

-Frank Sinatra is pretty much the best. And Michael Bublé too, but Frank will always be my favorite. When I was little and no one was at home, I would turn on his CD and slow-dance with a broom in my living room. Because I was just that cool. But really, he never gets old. Classy, classy, classy.

-I’m unashamedly obsessed with New York City. Actually, if you’ve even read this blog a little bit, you probably know this already. I’m, like, really obsessed. I have a “New York” playlist that I listen to frequently, full of songs that have what I feel like is a New York vibe, a large majority of my sentences about the future begin with “when I live in New York…,” and if you’re a blogger, all you have to do is mention NYC somewhere in your “About” section and there’s a 99% chance I’ll follow you in about two seconds flat, especially if you actually live in New York.

What are some little-known facts about you? I love hearing from you, so don’t be shy…leave a comment instead!


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