the first days

the first few days here all felt a little foggy. I think part of that is because a 16-hour drive through Nebraska is enough to make anyone feel off, and the other part of it was transition overload. the stark reality of what I’d just done (leaving everything and everyone to move to a place where I knew nothing) was sinking in, and all the emotions felt blurry.

so if you ever move somewhere by yourself, give yourself 7 days where you might feel like you’re floating (not in the good way haha. kind of like you just took NyQuil.), but then I promise it’ll go away! and soon enough you’ll have a real mattress and a couch and a schedule and life will feel like life again.

[also, if you ever have to drive 16 hours through Nebraska, I highly recommend bringing your cool best friend. Aubrey saved my sanity.]

but foggy as they were,  here’s what those first days consisted of (mostly for posterity’s sake):

– pizza on the floor. because what else do you do when you move into a new apartment?

– an air mattress on the floor.

– IKEA. In which I disrupted the flow of traffic at least twice and got in people’s way at least twice. But I left with a plant named Hugo and a sheepskin rug (actually idk what animal it’s supposed to be) that I named but later forgot what I named it, among other things, so it was a decently successful trip.

– Grimaldi’s. BLESSINGS that Grimaldi’s has a random KC location. Like, who just puts a Grimaldi’s in Kansas City???

– a rooftop. leave it to me and Aubrey to find a hotel rooftop deck with nobody on it.

– some tears.

– a really sad goodbye.

but even through the weird life-fog those first few days, being here still felt comfortable, and pretty okay, which was a blessing.

moral of the story: moving somewhere totally new by yourself is a weird experience. weird feelings. but get yourself some pizza and some patience with life, and then give yourself a few days and it gets better.

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the joys of blogging

Blogging…ha, I feel like that’s all I do that is remotely interesting anymore…for some reason my social life has dwindled down to the bare minimum lately, and I’m about ready to turn into a crazy lady that talks to herself all the time and communes with the birds in the park. I’m pretty sure I’m about 78 percent there already. So yeah, while I’m spending this abnormal amount of time at home, I’m just blogging quietly away. And blogging is kind of like talking to yourself, right? So actually I’m probably at about 98 percent crazy lady…

Craziness aside, the past few weeks of blogging have been lovely. I’m feeling slightly worn down from it, which is why this post is late, and there have been times when working on a new layout has me about ready to pull my eyebrows out, but yes, it’s been lovely.

As a whole, the past few months that I’ve been blogging in this particular space have been filled with so many blessings. I’m so grateful to have this little corner to just write, write, write, and interact with people (because, you know, with my steadily dwindling social life, I need some contact with real people every once in a while). I have connected with some truly wonderful, talented people, and I am so grateful to anyone who has taken the time to leave a comment – I have been inspired and uplifted by the enlightened responses to many of my posts.

I’m also forever grateful to everyone that follow this blog, whether by email, or on Bloglovin’, or Twitter, or on WordPress. It may just seem like a simple click of a button, but it is a joyful thing indeed to know that someone out there believes in you enough, and enjoys your words enough to want to read them on a regular basis.

So yes, blogging has brought me joy. It has brought me friendship. It has brought me inspiration. And I sincerely hope that this blogging-thing has some sort of a future, whether it is big or small, just some sort of potential to become something great.


#blogeverydayinFEB is almost over, but if you’re a blogger, feel free to join in!


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