the last night

i moved! yay! to kansas city! yay!

if you think kansas city is a lame place, or that it’s in kansas, I’m here to prove you wrong. (well, half wrong. technically part of kansas city is in kansas. but not the downtown part, or the part with my office, or the part with my apartment.)

but I’ve only been here a week, and it’s good.

also, moving to a new city by myself is probably one of the hardest things I’ve done.


the place and the life are good. and that’s what really matters. I’m so, so grateful to be here. & even though this is one of the hardest things I’ve done, it’s also one of the coolest. how often do we get to start over completely from scratch, knowing zero people, and zero things about the world you’re suddenly in? that’s pretty cool, I think.

one of the by-products of living on your own is that you have thoughts! or at least I do. lots and lots of thoughts! but I’m going to save those for another day because I’m behind and I can’t just move straight on to the Kansas City thoughts without paying my respects to Utah and my last night there.

so here are the respects:

Utah, you made the last 4 years of my life the greatest. a lot of it was actually you (mountains!), but most of it was your people. so thx, peace, blessings, I’ll be back to visit, take care of my friends, don’t let the Wasatch fault line have an earthquake, etc. etc. etc. bye!

and here are some photos from the last night in Utah, which was a trip to Saratoga Springs, because I always wondered what life looks like from the other side of the lake.

IMG_3350 2

IMG_3318 2

IMG_3324 2


these next photos were my favorite…

IMG_3336 2

IMG_3338 2

IMG_3339 2

IMG_3340 2

^^^is Joel’s leap not one of the most graceful things you’ve ever seen?


^^^awkwardddd, the only one of these I didn’t edit hahaha…the editing ended up on the purple side of things, but oh well.

IMG_3346 2

^^^not a basic “peace out,” b/c please notice I’m just holding up my keys. also I need to get my hair done.


favorite bits of life lately


-Thinking back to this weekend when I was in possession of a DSLR for a brief smidgen of time, and we took magical pictures on a mountain.

-Don’t be deceived by the above picture, which was taken on Sunday, but it snowed lovely, huge, fabulous flakes here in Provo starting last night and continuing until this afternoon. Everyone else in the world here was complaining but I was in heaven because snow is fabulous. And it’s supposed to be back to 70 degrees again in a few days, so I’m not too worried. After having the lamest winter in history {hear that Utah?! get your act together next year!}, a little bit of snow is good for my soul. {Side note: huge blowing flakes look harmless enough, but try running up a large hill with those shooting into your face and it’s a different story. But still an adventure.}

-Classes are OVER for the year! Now the trick is going to be getting my brain to stay turned on for the next week enough to get through finals…Right now it just wants to float away to an island on the east coast, or a forest, or a mountaintop, or New York City…

-I discovered THIS beautiful musical goodness today. Josh Groban + Kelly Clarkson + Phantom of the Opera = something absolutely wonderful. Listen and behold.

-Also, THIS article about Frank Sinatra is just great. He’ll always be my favorite.


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locked out

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So sometimes you and your roommate get locked out of your apartment in the morning after a quick waffle stop two doors down, and you just get to chill outside {literally} until your manager shows up. But spring mornings are a glorious thing, and the way that the sun rises over the mountains and gives everything a magical haze is almost worth getting locked out for.


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bits of life // saturday edition

Guys, today was a good day. I slept waaaaay in until 9:30, with no alarm to wake me up, which is a glorious thing indeed. In the world of Tessa Brynn, in order to be considered truly sleeping in, no alarm is allowed to be involved.

I laid in bed for a decently long while, contemplating making some pancakes for breakfast, but that turned out to require entirely too much time and effort for how hungry I was, so oatmeal happened instead. With chocolate chips. Because I’m getting slightly bored with the same oats-water (or milk)-peanut butter-sugar-cinnamon-vanilla-coconut combination, so why not throw in some chocolate chips to shake things up?

I then took myself and my chocolate oatmeal to our cozy living room, camped out on my favorite corner of our chocolate-brown couch, and proceeded to go through almost the entirety of Natalie Jean’s archives for the next couple hours. Or at least it took two hours to get to the part where she has her adorable baby, and then I figured I’d better do some studying, so I took a few breaks to make some flashcards and attempt to retain some information about world climate zones.

But in order to muster up the motivation to study, of course there had to be lipstick. And a tiny bit of mascara. And I even brushed my hair. But still pajamas, for sure.

Hunger struck again at some point, around 3 in the afternoon, so I reheated leftover pasta, grabbed my fuzzy blanket from it’s place of honor on my bed, concluded that I’d done enough school-related work for the moment, and went back to the blog. Because, priorities, obviously.

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

^^^my view for pretty much the whole day

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

^^^all the unmakeuped glory of someone who is enjoying doing nothing way too much (although I suppose there’s some leftover from yesterday). this was before the lipstick and mascara, obvi.

And then I went running at 5 (whoooo! points for setting foot outside the house!), figuring that a sunset run was much better anyway than a morning or afternoon run. Except I forgot that it kind of rained today, and was cloudy, so there was actually no sunset to enjoy on said run. But hey, Jack Frost did a little creeping down the mountains today, so that looked pretty neat. Or at least I thought so – looking into the distance made me remember that I still hadn’t put in my contacts yet, so maybe the un-blurred version of the mountain view wasn’t as great as the one that I saw. And it also got dark a lot faster than I was expecting, so that was slightly sketch, but I pretty much don’t worry about anything ever happening to me (right Caroline?), so it was all good.

Aaaaand some scenes from the run……

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

^^^aren’t Utah mountains the best? They’re still one of my favorite parts about living here.

Also, I’m ready for fresh fruit to be a thing around here again. I’m seriously craving strawberries, and blueberries, and oranges (although I guess those are in season?), and raspberries.

Speaking of cravings, and going back to the extensive blog reading of the afternoon, the New York vibes are SO STRONG right now. Although Utah mountains are pretty cool. But really, does anyone want to take me back to New York? And maybe find me somewhere to live? And maybe a job? Although I think I could just wander around for a while without a job and enjoy myself just fine for a solid couple weeks. But seriously, just you watch out New York – I’m coming for you someday.

So now I’m just sitting here, trying to decide what I want to eat for dinner, wishing I had a smoothie, or maybe even just some bread would be stellar. I decided a month or so ago that I’m going to stop buying bread and actually make it myself instead (college kid budgeting and stuff), but I’ve been severely lacking in cooking motivation lately, so no loaves of homemade bread have happened yet. Ah, bread! Doesn’t that just sound divine!

On a random tangent…favorites from the past week:

– finishing up classes for the semester

-gentlemen that hold doors

-our decked-out-to-the-nines office at work

-food (because, duh…)

-strangely warm weather here in Provo (like, how is it 50 degrees and the middle of December?)

-dreams of future prospects

-sleep (because college, and finals)

-professors bearing testimony on the last day of class

-lipstick (always)


-online shopping

-the temple in the morning, as well as the walk to and from the temple, where the thoughts really happen

And for more randomness, the leaves on campus looked cool last Saturday while I was walking home. The last bits of fall are slipping away, and I’m missing it just a little bit. Now if we could only get some snow around here…

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

That’s about it for today! Highly productive, I assure you. Actually, it was wonderful to have a day without obligations, and I am grateful for the chance to relax. I’m sure next week I’ll wish I’d made better use of my time today, but for now it’s been great. And I hope that anyone reading this had quite the rad day as well!


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