currently listening // better days

This song. I was trying to explain it to my roommates tonight, but I couldn’t quite do it justice. This song just feels like the world and life and humanity when it’s all full of all the emotions. I think it’s just the instrumentals + words + who knows what else, and it equals something emotional. Ha, just listen to it. The video part doesn’t matter as much, but just listen to the song. And happy late Monday.


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my favorite things // 02-08-2014

-the olympics – so i kind of have this really strange obsession with the olympics. there’s just something about the whole world (or a lot of it, at least) setting aside their differences and coming together to compete that just gets me. i know it’s not all quite as idealistic and picture-perfect as that, but the principal behind it is admirable. and the winter olympics are my absolute favorite! everyone seems to prefer the summer olympics, but i just have a thing for figure skating and watching people ski and bobsled and jump off of ramps really high into the air and all of that jazz.

-clair de lune – i had a friend ask me the other day if i could play this, and i actually haven’t ever learned this piece, so i dug through my music to check it out. i think i’ve shied away from it just because of it’s popularity, and i prefer to be less mainstream with my music. but holy cow! this song is beautiful! it’s been running through my head since monday afternoon, when i sat down played through it for the first time. if you’ve never heard it before, watch this video!

-telling secrets – if you’ve been following me for longer than a couple weeks, then you might remember this post, where i talked about my fear of telling people in my real life about my blogging. well guess what? i actually did it! and now i honestly don’t know what i was so afraid of, because the response has been so overwhelmingly amazing and supportive. i’m so grateful for wonderful friends who don’t find it weird that i write all of this randomness. thank you, thank you, thank you!

leave a comment with some of your favorite things this week! i love hearing from you! 


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inspiration // music lately

music, for me, is synonymous with inspiration. lately, my music preferences have gravitated toward songs that have bit of an off-tone to them…nothing too jumpy or pop-esque, but nothing too absolutely and totally monotonous either. when a song has a singing melody and a deep, real message to it – that, right there, is beauty.

anyway, here are the songs that have spoke to me the most lately. the moment any of these come on, it’s like an instant breath of peace and soothing, and they put me in my “writing mood.” this music speaks of hope, and love, and – most importantly – reality.

“Sort Of” – Ingrid Michaelson –

“Lovely” – Sara Haze –

“What If” – Five for Fighting –

“Boston” – Augustana –

“Demons” – Imagine Dragons –

“Beautiful Goodbye” – Maroon 5 –